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Commodity Resin Prices Rise, But PP Falls

  Supply constraints continue to be a key factor in further resin price increases.
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Busting Myths: How Additive Polymers Affect Builds

With advances in additive polymers, it may be time to consider moving a traditionally manufactured part to 3D printing. #npe

Technology News


COBOT Case Packer for Lids and Containers

Muller Technology says the self-contained case packer is built around an Omron 6-axis collaborative robot.


Bausano to Host Online Demonstration of New Extrusion System

Powered by Bausano’s multidrive transmission system, MD Nextmover extrusion line sets new standards for efficiency, reliability, durability, and sustainability, the builder says.  

Purging Compounds

Shuman Plastics Co-Founder Hyman Shuman Dies

Decorated WWII veteran was 94.

Injection Molding

Haitian Sets Sales Record in 2020

Haitian International Holdings Limited posted a new sales record for the 2020 fiscal year, selling more than 43,000 machines and generating $1.8 billion in sales, up 20.3% from 2019.

Recycled Materials

Tupperware to Expand it Sustainable Product Portfolio with Tritan Renew

Eastman’s Tritan Renew gains further commercial traction.


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Our Plastics Drying Knowledge Center is a complete multimedia resource on all things resin drying – from system configurations to install and maintenance.

Power Quality

Learn about one of the most serious issues in industrial facilities – and how you can optimize your facility for cost reduction and economic advantage.


Combat the skilled labor shortage using this comprehensive resource to train your own plastics processing experts.


Everything you need to know about plastics compounding technology—from feeding solutions to application profiles and expert advice.


Argentinian Food Producer Switches Olive Oil Bottle from Glass to PET

Amcor helped Morixe Hnos convert to a lightweight olive oil bottle that allows the company to export oil across Brazil to meet growing demand.  

Recycled Materials

American Styrenics and Agilyx to Collaborate on Advanced Recycling Facility

AmSty will use Agilyx’s advanced pyrolysis technology to convert post-use PS to styrene monomer.

Commodity Resins

New PP Foam Extrusion Technology

Sulzer Chemtech and Borealis have launched new PP foam extrusion technology said to lower cost and increase efficiency.  



Processors Record All-Time High Activity Levels

Survey data reveals quickening expansion among both captive and custom operations.


PP Prices Jump 33¢. Other Volume Resins Up, Too

The extraordinary Gulf Coast winter storm contributed to demand exceeding supply for nearly all resins. PP prices reacted most dramatically.
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Film Extrusion

Dual-Frame MDO Boosts Efficiency

‘Revolutionary’ dual-frame technology allows for high production speeds while significantly reducing cleaning and service times.


Multi-Component Molding Options Added to Machine Line

Haitian’s Zhafir Multi multi-component molding machines or add-on injection units give molders more 2K options.


Conveyor Customized for Preform Molding

Dynamic Conveyor says this specialized line addresses four key preform molder areas of need.


Materials Know How

Tracing the History of Polymeric Materials: Part 6

How the ‘Big 4’ commodity materials came to be.

Injection Know How

Consider the Cushion When Seeking Shot-to-Shot Consistency

Creating and maintaining a consistent cushion is a key step in achieving shot-to-shot consistency. Learn what cushion is and how it affects part quality.


Put Science into Glass-Fiber Compounding on Single Screws

There are still companies that compound glass fibers on single screws. The process is considered an “art,” but can be made more predictable with attention to screw design, speed and length, as well the choice of mixer.


Clear, Transparent Nylon for Steam Sterilization of Medical Products

EMS-Grivory’s new Grilamid TR HT 200 amorphous nylon boasts an above 90%.

Commodity Resins

New Industry Guidelines for Recycle Content in Food Packaging

PLASTICS has published the highly-anticipated guidance document.

Resin Conveying

Mobile Bag Dump Station Equipped with Compactor, Conveyor

Allows bulk material transfer from handheld sacks, pails and boxes into elevated process equipment and storage vessels.  


Resin Conveying

Molder Eliminates Line Blowouts with Deflection Elbow

Parker Chomerics eliminated chronic elbow failures since switching to Hammertek conveying elbow more than two-and-a-half years ago.
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Injection Molding

ERP Platform Keeps Molders Connected in the Pandemic

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software offers its users many tools and modules with manufacturing and plastics specific platforms like DELMIAworks touching everything from inventory and quality to bookkeeping and process and machine monitoring. 


Overmolding Overhaul

An articulating mold and versatile auxiliary injection unit helped this molder rethink its tried-and-true approach to insert molding.