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Molding, Extrusion, Recycling, Moldmaking: It’s All Here

‘Here’ is Rosemont, Ill., Sept. 21-23, when molding and extrusion conferences co-locate with the Amerimold trade show under one roof.
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Biopolymer Compounding Done Right

Biodegradable polymers like PHA are set to slowly take over many areas of plastic production, but the material properties mean that special attention must be paid to the screw configuration and ventilation when compounding.

Technology News


Special-Effect Masterbatch for Natural-Looking Plastic Wine Corks

Prototype TPE corks made with Avient’s new Renol and Remafin masterbatch that create natural-looking TPE corks gets positive reviews at recent trials.  

Recycled Materials

Incipio Group to Use Eastman Tritan Renew for Select Product Lines

The products will incorporate Tritan Renew with 50% certified recycled content.

Post-Consumer Recycling

AI Being Used to Sort Plastics Automatically

The technology from Metaspectral is slated for completion by the end of 2021.

Engineering Resins

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Launches Sustainable Plastics Initiative

The Foundation’s initiative is designed to help businesses identify sustainable paths to plastics use and harness the full potential of plastics innovation.  

Resin Conveying

System Protects Resin from High-Speed Conveying

Processors can easily and automatically select and use capabilities to protect resins from damage caused by dilute-phase conveying systems operating at excessive speeds.  


Gain in-depth knowledge in processes, products and technology from industry experts


Combat the skilled labor shortage using this comprehensive resource to train your own plastics processing experts.


Everything you need to know about plastics compounding technology—from feeding solutions to application profiles and expert advice.

Purging Compound

Find out why purging is necessary, what not to use and how preventive maintenance can save you thousands of dollars.


Our Plastics Drying Knowledge Center is a complete multimedia resource on all things resin drying – from system configurations to install and maintenance.

Engineering Resins

Ascend Performance Materials Boosts Production of new Long-Chain Nylon Product Line

To meet demand for a variety of applications, Ascend has expanded production capacity for HiDura LCPA in its Greenwood, S.C., plant.

Resin Conveying

Bag-Dump Module for Mixers, Blenders, More

Designed to contain dust generated when bulk materials are dumped manually.  

Feeding & Blending

Dust-Tight Batch-Weigh System

System integrates conveying and weighing for speed and accuracy.



Index Moderates After Record Highs

New orders and production show biggest dip.


Commodity Resin Prices Keep on Climbing

Dips in PP and PET tabs proved temporary, as supply/demand imbalances elevate prices and restrict supplies of all five commodity resins. PS hikes are especially brutal.
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Use these tools to help guide you through the part design and injection molding process.

Cost Calculator

Cycle Time Calculator

Snap-Fit Design Calculator

Feeding & Blending

Rotary Bridge Break Helps Dose Poor-Flowing Materials

Designed for largest gravimetric blenders, Maguire device helps accurately dose regrind, recyclate, and other bridge-prone ingredients.  

Resin Conveying

Flexible Screw Conveyor Resists Abrasion

Features steel conveyor tube, heavy-duty flexible screw, and heavy-gauge floor hopper and discharge housing.

Film Extrusion

Italian Machine Builder GAP Installs 27-Layer Blown Film Line

System consists of nine extruders feeding 400-mm annular die, an automatic gauge-controlling air ring, and other features.


Tooling Know How

What You Need to Know About Blade Ejectors: Part 2

Follow these guidelines to prevent premature wear, flash and galling.

Extrusion Know How

Understanding Roll Deflection in Sheet Processing

Because of roll deflection, sheet stacks made for PS don’t work nearly as well with PP. One solution is to try a top roll that bends in the opposite direction.

Injection Molding

Apply the Power of a Troubleshooting Checklist to Your Process

Pocket guides provide processors an injection molding “crib sheet,” but in a process with thousands of interactions, applying if-this/then-that logic can’t always get you to a problem’s root cause.

Commodity Resins

Polykemi to Have Compounding Production on Three Continents

By next year, the Swedish company will have started production in the U.S. and China.


SCARA Robot Line Expanded

FANUC America says the newest additions increase reach and payload options for assembly, packaging, pick-and-place, and inspection processes.


Patent-Pending Lifter Released

Progressive Components says the new C-Series UniLifter features a cylindrical design that adjusts for misaligned ejector plates, easing wear on mold components.


Resin Conveying

Molder Eliminates Line Blowouts with Deflection Elbow

Parker Chomerics eliminated chronic elbow failures since switching to Hammertek conveying elbow more than two-and-a-half years ago.
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Injection Molding

ERP Platform Keeps Molders Connected in the Pandemic

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software offers its users many tools and modules with manufacturing and plastics specific platforms like DELMIAworks touching everything from inventory and quality to bookkeeping and process and machine monitoring. 


Overmolding Overhaul

An articulating mold and versatile auxiliary injection unit helped this molder rethink its tried-and-true approach to insert molding.