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Take the Guesswork Out of Determining Screw, Barrel Wear

New technology from Glycon takes real-time measurements of screw and barrel wear and provides data to guide processors as to when the time may be right to swap out these components.
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Busting Myths: How Additive Polymers Affect Builds

With advances in additive polymers, it may be time to consider moving a traditionally manufactured part to 3D printing. #npe

Technology News


Upgraded Ultrasonic Welder Supports FDA 21CFR Part 11

Along with two key software upgrades to Emerson’ BransonTM GSX-E1 2.0 ultrasonic welder is a patent-pending dynamic weld-mode.

Recycled Materials

Cyclic Olefin Copolymer Earns APR Recognition for Recyclability with HDPE

Polyplastics is developing key data to support industrywide sustainability efforts that will allow companies to confidently use its Topas COC to enhance the performance of recyclable products.
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Engineering Resins

Carbon-Fiber Reinforced PPA for Structural Automotive and Electronic Components

BASF’s new Ultramid Advanced N PPA now offered with carbon fiber reinforcement for a broad range of auto applications and electronics.  


New Liquid and Solid Versions of AA Scavengers for PET Water Bottles

Holland Colours next-generation TasteGuard AA scavenger boasts low dosing, enhanced recyclability of PET.    

Additive Manufacturing

New Class of Photoplastics for SLA 3D Printing of Durable Prototypes, Tooling, Functional End-Use Parts

Nexa3D and Henkel have announced availability of three functional photopolymers with extended UV weathering stability.   


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Explore articles and videos on the fundamentals of injection molding—everything from machine types to troubleshooting and sustainability.

Resin Conveying

A 360-degree look at resin conveying systems: types, operation, economics, design, installation, components and controls.


Our Plastics Drying Knowledge Center is a complete multimedia resource on all things resin drying – from system configurations to install and maintenance.

Size Reduction

Learn about sustainable scrap reprocessing—this resource offers a deep dive into everything from granulator types and options, to service tips, videos and technical articles.


Light-Duffusing Color and Additive Masterbatches for LED Light Sources

Tosaf’s new LD masterbatches said to create uniform diffused light on backlit surfaces.


Solid Pin for Cost-Effective Assembly of Two Plastic Components

Spirol’s new BP100 Press-N-Lok Pin boasts quicker assembly time and lower assembly equipment costs compared to screws and adhesives.

Engineering Resins

High-Flow POM for Medical and Healthcare Industry

Polyplastics has expanded its Duracon POM PM series with the addition of high-flow grade PM27S01N



Prices Still Rising for Volume Resins.

  Global supply constraints on feedstocks and some resins, along with strong demand, are driving continued increases.
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Processors Extend 2020 Expansion into New Year

Survey data report quickening expansion in plastics, notably in custom processing.


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Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing System Reportedly Revolutionizes 3D Printing

The Inkbit Additive Manufacturing system is said to feature  first-of-its-kind closed-loop feedback control, multi-material printing capabilities, and exceptionally-low cost-per-part for final part.  

Extrusion Know How

Extrusion: Follow These Tips to Get Profile Die Design Just Right

Calculating polymer flow is fairly straightforward when designing a die for a simple round profile, but as the shapes get more complicated these calculations can get extremely challenging. Here’s what you need to consider.  

Commodity Resins

UV Stabilizer for High-Speed PET Dairy Bottle Production

Holland Colours’ new Holcomer Thermostretch said to address how to accelerate PET production while maintaining a high level of light barrier protection.  


Pipe, Profile & Tubing Extrusion

Extrusion: Follow These Tips to Get Profile Die Design Just Right

Calculating polymer flow is fairly straightforward when designing a die for a simple round profile, but as the shapes get more complicated these calculations can get extremely challenging. Here’s what you need to consider.  

Injection Molding

Three Key Decisions for an Optimal Ejection System

When determining the best ejection option for a tool, molders must consider the ejector’s surface area, location and style.

Materials Know How

Tracing the History of Polymeric Materials, Part 4

In this installment we discuss the discovery of Bakelite, the first truly synthetic polymer, known today as phenolic.

Heating & Cooling

Complete Chiller Line Now Offers Variable Frequency Drives

Delta T Systems announced that its entire chiller product line can now be equipped with variable frequency drives (VFDs) to control the pump motor.


Film Structure Designs Formulated with PCR Debuted by Nova Chemicals

Nova’s new series of customizable film structure designs formulated with post-consumer resin.  


Dukane Expands CNC Machining Capabilities to Meet Growing Demands

Welding equipment maker Dukane anticipates a surge in demand for more complex tooling in the near term and shorter lead times.  



Overmolding Overhaul

An articulating mold and versatile auxiliary injection unit helped this molder rethink its tried-and-true approach to insert molding.


Betting Big on Recycled PET

Distributor of virgin PET resins PolyQuest is also a growing manufacturer of recycled PET resins.
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Film Extrusion

Film Processor Boosts Line Performance with Air-Ring Retrofit

Air-ring upgrade results in output gains up to 23% for leading film processor in Indonesia. Gauge uniformity also improved.
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