Disruptive Technologies to Have Significant Impact on Chemical Industry

IHS Markit see crude oil-to-chemicals and oxidative coupling of methane to olefins as key disruptions to conventional petrochemical production.
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Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance for all Your Auxiliaries on a Single Cloud-Based Platform

Conair’s SmartServicesTM platform combines powerful equipment monitoring, visualization and notification functions with advanced cloud-based data storage and analytics. The Industry 4.0 platform promises new levels of process and quality optimization, predictive diagnostics and maintenance, and maximum equipment uptime.

Extrusion / Extrusion - Film

What is Your Extruder Trying to Tell You?

Being in tune with your film extrusion equipment will allow you to identify issues before they start impacting production.


Recycled Content: A Hot Trend in Packaging

Using recycled content in packaging reduces the environmental footprint of the package and incentivizes recycling. There are plenty of technical solutions to overcome the barriers.

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Plastics Technology
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Practical hands-on solutions to common processing problems tips and techniques.


Injection Molding