PE Film Market Snapshot: Consumer Can Liners

Huge market projected to grow by 3.6%/yr through 2020. Environmental issues remain a challenge.

Additive Manufacturing / Automotive

'Engage, Innovate, Evolve': Future-Oriented Culture at Octex Group

Using science, technology, and talent to give high-tech customers unprecedented speed to market.

Extrusion / Extrusion - Film

What is Your Extruder Trying to Tell You?

Being in tune with your film extrusion equipment will allow you to identify issues before they start impacting production.


Getting to Orlando, Where to Stay for NPE2018

Orlando is a premier destination not just for its sunny skies and friendly mouse, but also because it’s just so darn easy to travel into. Hosting dozens of airlines, convenient ground transportation and fabulous hotels, getting to and staying at NPE2018 couldn’t be simpler.

Knowledge Centers

Gain in-depth knowledge in processes, products and technology from industry experts.

Plastics Technology
February Issue

February 2018 Plastics Technology


Practical hands-on solutions to common processing problems tips and techniques.


Injection Molding