Nanodiamond-Enhanced, PVDF & PEKK 3D Filaments Emerge

Partnerships result in great material additions for additive manufacturing.
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Seven Key Factors to Consider When Vacuum Conveying Powders

Pneumatic conveying is an efficient way to move plastic materials, but not all systems are created equal. Discover how powders pose their own set of challenges and how to handle them. 

Compounding / Multi-Screw Compounding

Technology Is the Solution For This Compounder

Compounding Solutions has seen its business grow by 20% in each of the last 12 years. That’s no accident. The firm has become a mainstay supplier of compounds—primarily for medical—by tapping into its expertise in technology and processing.


How Will the Shale-Gas Boom Affect Plastics Processors?

Though the U.S. will have a long-term advantage in production and pricing of olefin feedstocks, other factors may have greater impact in the short term. Nonetheless, industry analysts paint a favorable pricing and supply outlook for resin buyers in this NPE year.

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Practical hands-on solutions to common processing problems tips and techniques.


Injection Molding