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Are You an Injection Molding Expert? Want to Become One?

Originally titled 'Are You an Injection Molding Expert? Do You Want to Become One?'
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Whether or not you think cycle time refers to how long it takes to bike somewhere; cold runners are winter joggers; or back pressure is a massage technique, Molding 2016 is the place for you.

From March 29-31 in New Orleans, the Molding 2016 Conference & Exhibits will gather leaders (and newbies) from across the injection molding supply chain, including molders, OEMs, and machinery, material and tool suppliers. If you’re a molding expert, learn about the very latest advancements in the field. If you’re new to molding, get a firmer handle on this dynamic, advanced manufacturing process.


Molding 2016 is currently accepting paper proposals for the conference; so if you’re an expert in a particular aspect of molding, we encourage you to submit an abstract today. General conference topics will include:


  • Adding Value: Automation, Assembly and Packaging
  • Molding Specialty Materials (LSR, bioplastics, metals/ceramics)
  • Tooling (including components and hot runners)
  • Additive Manufacturing (should molders add additive manufacturing; how will it compete with molding)
  • Market Specific Advances/Trends in Medical, Automotive, Electronics and More
  • Auxiliary Equipment Advances


Save the date, propose a paper and start planning for Molding 2016!