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Put Your Best Part Forward…and Win

The Hot Shots injection molded part competition at Molding 2020 is almost done accepting submissions—enter your part by Jan. 31 to have a chance to win.


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Entering its 30th year, the Molding Conference has long offered attendees the chance to hear from thought leaders in injection molding regarding best practices and fundamentals for the process, as well as insights into cutting-edge technologies that are reshaping that process. Now for the first time, attendees can see those fundamental tenets and state-of-the-art tech applied in real-world parts, which they can evaluate and judge.

As part of Molding 2020 (March 17-19; Lombard, Ill.), Plastics Technology, the event organizer, has created the first-ever Hot Shots injection molded part competition. Numerous entries have already been submitted for the first-time competition—the winner of which will be announced at the conference after voting by attendees—and if you have a part that you think deserves recognition, there’s still time to enter the contest. Simply fill out the form at this site for consideration to enter the competition—the deadline to submit is January 31.

Who will you be up against? Thus far entries run the gamut from grille covers and foaming pump components to pipes, manifolds and stabilized binocular components, among others. These components are molded in everything from commodity resins to LCP, PC, TPV, TPO and various glass-filled nylons, including PA 6/66 and PA 66.

Technologies deployed include inmold assembly, inserts for threading, micro-tooling, over molding, 2-shot molding, and various undercuts, threads and hollow sections that challenge molder and mold maker alike. Accepted entries receive a complimentary registration for the conference, with the parts and the companies that make them promoted in marketing materials and articles before and during the event. The eventual winners—there are three awards—will also be featured in an article in Plastics Technology magazine.

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