Slideshow: Extrusion 2018 Speaker Highlights

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For two-and-a-half days in September, the extrusion world focused on Cleveland and the Extrusion 2018 conference and exhibit.

In its fourth year, the annual Extrusion event shifted to Cleveland and the Huntington Convention Center from Sept. 18-20. That new space allowed for the exhibit space (with 85 companies) and the general session to be combined for first time. Drawing 600 to the shores of Lake Erie, Extrusion 2018 was sponsored by 26 companies and featured more than 70 presentations. If we missed you in Cleveland (or if you came and want a visual recap) click through the slide show to see some highlights from those speakers.


  • EXTRUSION: Effect of the Screw Flight On Melt Temperature, Energy Use

    So-called rules of thumb regarding the design of flight clearance and width do not consider the temperature effect, both from the point of view of melt temperature and energy efficiency.

  • What About Melt Strength?

    All extrusion processes depend to some degree on the melt strength of the polymer, and this property is generally a no-show on data sheets.

  • Shining Opportunities In Solar Films

    Photovoltaic markets are growing explosively, and so are opportunities for specialty film producers. Solar cell and module production, which was forecasted to grow at 50% a year for the next few years before the recession hit, is now expecting slightly more healthy 30% annual growth, according to DuPont, a major supplier of photovoltaic film materials. Solar cell and module manufacturers are expanding, and large numbers of new companies are entering the field.