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1/26/2017 | 3 MINUTE READ

Injection Molding Done Right

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Looking to improve your molding operation? Who isn’t? We’ve got you covered: Attend the Molding 2017 Conference in April.

If you own or manage or work at an injection molding plant there’s likely a few things that keep you tossing and turning at night as you try to figure out how to make your business more profitable. Here’s my list of questions you might be asking yourself that might be disturbing your slumber:

  • Are you up to date on the important precepts of scientific molding?
  • Are you making the most of technology available in robots and automation?
  • What’s all this business about Industry 4.0 and predictive maintenance, and how can they be used to improve your business?
  • Are there new technologies available that you need to know about?
  • What’s going on in materials and additives that can pack more properties into your parts?
  • Are your materials-handling, drying, and cooling practices helping or hindering your operation?
  • Are you losing orders and wondering what your competitors know that you don’t?


Likely there’s lots more, but we’ve got you covered. On April 3-6, Plastics Technology will be holding the 27th annual Molding Conference at the Sheraton/Le Meridien Hotel in Charlotte, N.C. It’s tailored 100% for injection molders and addresses a broad range of topics and issues in molding for medical, automotive, packaging, electronics, and other markets. 

In each issue of this magazine—in print and online—we try to bring you practical, hands-on information about technology that you can use right now to improve the efficiency of your operation. It is, we think, what distinguishes us from other magazines in this field, and it’s a vital one. And we take that concept one step further by positioning our two yearly technology conferences—this one and our annual event on extrusion—as the pages of the publication coming to life. Molding 2016 set an all-time attendance record in its 26th year; and December’s Extrusion 2016 conference drew more than 400 people. So it seems pretty clear to me that this concept is striking a chord with our audience.

Molding 2017, if you’ll pardon the cliché, will be bigger and better than ever in year 27. The technical program, meticulously crafted by my editorial colleagues Matt Naitove and Tony Deligio—who have a combined 60 years of experience reporting on injection molding technology—will consist of more than 60 presentations covering almost everything that goes on in a molding plant. If you’re in the business of injection molding, your copy of this magazine was packaged with a brochure packed with all the details about this conference. Check it out. You can also point your browser to moldingconference.com for the same details. And from that site you can point and click to register for the conference and arrange for your hotel accommodations.

But wait, there’s more (yeah, another cliché). Remember the part above about practical, hands-on information and the pages of the publication coming to life? Well, have you ever met anyone quite as lively as John Bozzelli? On Monday April 3, from 1-5 pm, Bozzelli—a scientific molding guru and the author of Plastics Technology’s Injection Molding Know How column—will be holding an injection molding workshop at the Polymers Center of Excellence, a short distance from the hotel. And after the official program ends on April 6, there will be one more live demonstration, at RocTool in Charlotte, which has some innovative tooling technology for producing “high-definition” parts that you’ll be able to see up close and in person.

I started this column with a list of questions that could be rolling around your mind and keeping you awake at night. Join us at Molding 2017, April 3-6 at the Sheraton/Le Meridien Hotel in Charlotte, N.C. You might find yourself having a far easier time falling to sleep at night afterward.