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PT Article Techmer PM Partners to Apply DNA Tagging to Fibers, Plastics
Techmer PM sees potential for application of DNA tagging in film and injection-molded products. More (+)
WELDING: Welder for Small Parts and Spaces
Extol's new hot-plate welder is designed for cleanrooms and limited spaces. More (+)


Clock is Ticking: Register for Extrusion 2015 by Friday and Save

  Have you registered yet for Plastics Technology’s upcoming Extrusion 2015 Conference?

Polyester Alloy Resists Harsh Hospital Cleaners

It can be molded in existing PC/ABS tools but resists stress-cracking.

NuSil Film Series Offers a Nice Basic Education on Silicones

Take a look at NuSil's new series of films that offer key physical properties of silicones, including LSR.

Don’t Waste Any More Time: Register Now for the Extrusion 2015 Conference

Don’t miss out on the technical event of the year in extrusion.

Techmer PM's New Partnership Applies DNA Tagging to Fibers; Plastics to Follow

Applied DNA Sciences and Techmer PM collaborate on applying the former's patented SigNature T DAN system to tag polymer-based fiber materials, and more.

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Plastics are pervasive in medical, from tiny extruded catheters to tamper-evident medicine caps to huge MRIs that are built using thermoformed parts. Plastics have made health care simpler and less painful and made new techniques and prostheses possible. To compete in this market, processors need to have commitment to quality and consistency. In this zone you will learn about the tools, techniques, new materials and equipment that make this commitment possible.

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