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Eastman Explores Processing of Tritan Copolyester For Small, Multicavity Medical Parts
A sophisticated 32-cavity mold and all-electric press are being used to define the process window and critical mold and part design criteria. More (+)
Medical Device Production to See Accelerating Growth
Indicators are positive over the next six to 12 months. More (+)


Minnesota Technical College Expands Its Academic, Equipment Offerings

A medical tubing extrusion line, all-electric injection molding machine, and medical extrusion certificate are the latest additions to Hennepin Technical College (HTC) Plastics Engineering Technology program.

ASTM Launches New Plastic Film QA Testing Tool

  An innovative statistical qualitative assurance tool for plastic film testing has been just launched by ASTM International, W.

PETG Foam-Core Sheet Cushions Thermoformed Medical Packaging

New option is lighter, cleaner, tougher than HIPS at a comparable price.

Engel Shines Spotlight on Liquid Metal Molding

During its triennial symposium in Austria, the machine builder molded medical forceps parts from a novel liquid-metal alloy.

Seven New Technologies Debut at W&H Open House

Among them at the two-day event in Germany is a new method to drastically reduce product-changeover times.

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Plastics are pervasive in medical, from tiny extruded catheters to tamper-evident medicine caps to huge MRIs that are built using thermoformed parts. Plastics have made health care simpler and less painful and made new techniques and prostheses possible. To compete in this market, processors need to have commitment to quality and consistency. In this zone you will learn about the tools, techniques, new materials and equipment that make this commitment possible.

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