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October 2014

Close-Up on Technology

FEA Software Predicts Material Response to Repeated Snap Fits
Modeling viscoelastic behavior is essential to understand changes in dimensions with repeated stress/strain exposure.

Liquid Composites Molding Progresses at BMW and VW
With lightweighting and fuel efficiency as drivers, two German automakers pursue alternative technologies for structural parts.

Rogan Corp. at 80: Growing in Medical, LSR, Two-Shot Molding
Bondable TPEs and LSRs support growth in two-shot molding for medical and other markets.


Automation Eliminates Contamination
Many molders use robots to boost output and repeatability, but SSI also uses them to prevent contamination of critical diagnostic products.

Know How

EXTRUSION: Double Flights Are Not a Cure-All
There are certain applications where double-flighted feed sections make sense, and others where they don’t.

INJECTION MOLDING: How Does Your Machine Control Pack Velocity?
You’ll need to find out in order to develop a molding process that you can repeat from machine to machine and mold to mold.

MATERIALS: Don’t Guess Your Way through Root Cause Analysis: Part 2
The huge chasm between the laboratory and manufacturing discipline usually does not lend itself to problem-solving. It can be improved with clear communication between the analysis laboratory and the people bringing the problem to the lab.

TOOLING: Flash-Free Molding: Part 1
A robust process window relies a lot on tooling. So it stands to reason that making a tool change to address issues provides a more robust solution

Starting Up

Borealis Fully Acquires Ethylene Copolymer Joint Venture
Specialty Polymers Antwerp N.V., the joint venture between Borealis and Dupont now fully owned by Borealis.

Breaking Ground for Bulk Solids Innovation Center
Facility is expected to be open in April. Coperion K-Tron, Vortex Valves among anchor tenants.

Emerald Performance Now Part Of American Securities
Leading specialty chemicals producer poised to continue growth trajectory under new ownership.

Hexagon Buys Vero Software
Vero is known for its Visi software suite, which includes integrated mold analysis.

Nanodiamonds Shine as Heat-Conductive Fillers
Finland’s Carbodeon has refined its functionalized nanodiamonds for a performance increase of 20% to 100%

Newcomer Compounder Lehmann & Voss Expands US Business
Just one year after establishing its sales company here, Lehmann & Voss has further expanded its portfolio through a key acquisition.

Pelletron Founder Jerry Paulson Dies
Developed de-dusting technology that is still considered industry standard.

RTP Expands Its Mexican Thermoplastics Compounding Facility
New pultrusion line and LFT compounds now at RTP's Mexican compounding facility.

Safety Guidance Coming for ‘Collaborative’ Robots
Two groups working on guidelines for safe deployment of these devices.

Second Chances for Bioplastics Technologies
New opportunities for Trellis Earth Products and Metabolix.

Solvay To Buy Chevron Phillips PPS Business
Expanding its specialty polymers portfolio, Solvay will acquire the Ryton PPS business from CP Chem.

Processor's Business Index

Industry Grows…But Slower
Backlogs continue to grow, suggesting that processors’ capacity utilization and capital equipment investment should increase in 2015.


Family-Owned Thermoformer Continues to Flourish
By adding technology, home-grown tooling, and automation, industrial thermoformer C&K Plastics has grown while getting its costs under control.

Formulating LLDPE/LDPE Blends For Abuse–Resistant Blown Film
A new study shows how the type and amount of LDPE in blends with LLDPE affect the processing and strength/toughness properties of blown film. Data are shown for both LDPE-rich and LLDPE-rich blends.

Prevent & Minimize Downtime in Hot Runner Molding
There are simple explanations for the most common hot-runner problems and equally simple ways to prevent them. One is to take advantage of features often overlooked in today’s hot-runner controls.

The Paradox of Proportioning
Continuous proportioning typically involves a group of gravimetric feeders operating under some form of higher level coordinating control. One would think the result should be a perfectly formulated composite stream. But the devil is in the details.

Understanding the Effects of Paint On Plastics
Paint can have significant effects on mechanical properties of plastic parts. As illustrated by this OEM’s procedure in developing new-generation outboard-motor covers, there’s no substitute for thorough testing.

Keeping Up With Technology

ADDITIVES: Antimicrobial Offers Long-Range Protection For Wide Range of Polyolefin Applications
A new broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection masterbatch positioned as a cost-effective option to silver-based additives.

AUXILIARIES: News in Drying, Blending, Cooling, Granulating at Fakuma Show
Wittmann Battenfeld to display wide array of new auxiliaries at show.

DECORATING: MPS Launches High-End Flexo Press
A high-quality flexographic press with a choice of plate rolls or print sleeves is now available in North America.

EXTRUSION: Traveling Up-Cut Saw For Pipe
Table speeds range up to 45 ft /min with up to 15 cuts/min.

INJECTION MOLDING: Improved IML Automation at Fakuma
New features and functionality from IML robot.

INJECTION MOLDING: New Micromolder & Expandable Bead Integrated with Molding
whole machine is inside a cleanroom enclosure.

INJECTION MOLDING: New Robots & Sprue Pickers at Fakuma
Larger, lightweight robots to debut.

INJECTION MOLDING: New Series of All-Electric Molding Machines Offers Some Hydraulic Movements
A new series of all-electric injection molding machines offers servo-driven injection, dosing, and mold movement but features a hydraulic accumulator for auxiliary axes like core pulls, ejectors, and nozzle movement.

INJECTION MOLDING: Robots Get Remote Tech Service
All the robots in your plant can NOW connect via one box to remote tech service.

INJECTION MOLDING: Servo-Hydraulic Pumps Standard on New Series
SmartPower line will be available for delivery from January 2015 in sizes from 25 to 120 metric tons.

INJECTION MOLDING: Valve-Gate Control with Variable Pin Speed
Said to reduce shot hesitation, blush, and air entrapment and to ensure overall smoother, more consistent filling.

MATERIALS HANDLING: Bulk Container Dumper For High-Bulk-Density Materials
Unit is made of specially milled 304-2b stainless-steel sheet that is said to have a greatly reduced coefficient of friction compared with typical flat sheet.

MATERIALS HANDLING: Modular Loaders Offer Easy Conversion
System can also be fitted with modules with a tangential material inlet to provide a cyclone effect for handling materials that require a more coarse dust separation.

MATERIALS: Cable Compound Technology Supports Extra High Voltage Direct Current Transmission
A next-generation extruded cable compound technology has been developed by Borealis and ABB.

MATERIALS: Conductive Extrusion Compounds for ESD
Available in PVC, TPU, TPE, PC, PE, PP, PS, and ABS.

MATERIALS: Conductive Long-Fiber Compounds Duplicate Magnesium Properties
LFTs duplicate both the mechanical and electrical properties of magnesium in injection molding or extrusion while offering up to 40% reductions in weight.

MATERIALS: Flexible PVC with Biobased Plasticizer
Compounds are said to have the same feel, flexibility, and ease of processing as conventional vinyls.

MATERIALS: High-Density Filled TPEs for ‘Weighty’ Products
Offer relatively low cost (starting at less than $2/lb), as well as scratch and mar resistance and x-ray opacity for medical devices.

MATERIALS: High-Heat & Thermally Conductive Nylon
Aimed at automotive underhood components.

MATERIALS: Liquid Nitrogren Cools Plastics Machining
Technology reportedly boosts tool life while allowing faster cutting.

MATERIALS: New TPEs at Fakuma for Food Containers, Kitchen Appliances, Children’s Products
They adhere to polyolefins and custom formulations are available for adhesion to engineering resins.

MATERIALS: Purging Compound For Use In A Broad Range Of Applications
Shuman Plastics' newest Dyna-Purge purging compound can be used in injection, extrusion, compounding, and blow molding applications.

MATERIALS: Stiff Polyolefin Foam Boards For Automotive And Packaging
Offering great weight reduction potential are new stiff PP closed-cell foam boards from Sekisui.

MATERIALS: TPEs For Consumer Electronics Feature Percept Authentication Technologies
PolyOne GLS's TPEs improve brand protection and reduce counterfeits for consumer electronics.

MATERIALS: TPU/Crosslinked Silicone Rubber for Overmolding TPEs
Hybrid of TPU and crossliked silicone rubber is safe for skin contact in wearable electronic applications.

RECYCLING: High-Output Melt Filters for Recycling and Film/Sheet
Model ERF 500 is designed for max. throughput of more than 11,000 lb/hr.

RECYCLING: High-Output Melt Filters For Recycling and Film/Sheet
Filters rely on a rotating, cylindrical screen with millions of conical holes.

ROBOTS: Small 6-Axis Robot
IRB 1200 robot comes in two standard models with 700 mm reach and payload up to 7 kg or 900 mm reach and 5 kg payload capacity

TESTING: New Universal Testers for Automotive
Development was spurred by the accelerating development of new thermoplastic materials for structural applications.

TESTING: New-Generation Universal Testers For Automotive
Zwick has come out with a new series of testers for testing the mechanical properties of thermoplastics used in automotive applications.

TESTING: Portable Hardness Tester For Tablets
Gardner has designed a portable, semi-automatic electronic hardness tester for digital tablets.

THERMOFORMING Vertical Puncher, Stacker For Formed Trays, Lids
Cycles up to 120/min.

THERMOFORMING: New Cooling Technology Offers Faster Cycles
System may also permit lower mold temperatures for even faster cycles while reducing the machine’s energy consumption.

TOOLING: New CAD/CAM Software Visualizes Mold Movements
Updated CAD developments include new technology for managing multiple instances of the same geometry.

Resin Prices

PE, PP, PVC Prices Move Up; PS, Engineering Resins Flat-to-Down
Tight monomer supplies put upward pressure on polyolefin and PVC prices, while the reverse is true for PS and ‘commodity’ engineering resins.


It’s Getting Close to That Time Again
NPE time, that is. With the show a scant six months away, we’ve already pinned down our editorial plans. In the spirit of ‘we’ve got you covered,’ here’s a look at what you can expect to be reading.

Market Watch

Electronics Production to Accelerate in 2015
Expect consumer electronics spending to grow for the rest of the year. Processors of electronics products should see growth in the second quarter of 2015.

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