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December 2015

Close-Up on Technology

Highlights of Fakuma 2015
A selection of the hottest news and molding trends at this “little brother” to the K Show.

Pellet Production Is a Blast For This Processor
Maxi-Blast opens a plant with brand-new equipment to produce its own pellet blasting media.

Processor's Edge

Molder Expands Plant, But That’s Just the Beginning
Wescon cuts ribbon on a new addition and adds presses as part of a strategic plan to double its business.

Know How

EXTRUSION: Melting 101
Learn the basics on how polymer melts in a single screw. Barrel temperature plays less of a role than you might think.

INJECTION MOLDING: Develop Guidelines—Not Strict Procedures— For a Robust Molding Process
‘Fool-proof’ dos and don’ts will prove foolhardy in a process with so many variables. You aren’t slinging burgers.

MATERIALS: The Problems with Single-Point Data, Part 7
The industry can choose between continuing to perform DTUL tests that provide single points that are part of a curve never seen, or perform the test that provides the entire curve.

TOOLING: Designing Molds for Easy Maintenance in the Press, Part 1
Attention to design of cooling, ejection, and slides can save downtime and maintenance headaches.

Starting Up

3D Printing’s Growing Presence Seen at Fakuma Show
Additive manufacturing appeared in tooling inserts, robot grippers, and molded parts.

Addex Shuts Massachusetts Location, Names New President
Headquarters moves to Newark, N.Y. for blown film specialists.

Coinjected Plastic Can Passes Key Food-Safety Tests
Double-seamed metal lid passes standard leakage tests at up to 121 C.

Maag Buys Gala, RE Scheer
New powerhouse in pelletizers.

Milacron Acquires CanGen
CanGen is a supplier of aftermarket process control components for extrusion and injection molding applications with approximately $20 million in sales.

National Plastics and Seals Buys Innovative Acrylic Design
Companies combine to form "one-stop" source for plastic fabrication.

New Process for Fiber-Reinforced Sheet
Thermoplastics sheets reinforced with discontinuous fibers are suitable for thermoforming or compression molding.

New Roll Lock-Out System Protects Sheet Operators
First-of-a-kind system prevents rolls from closing accidentally.

PCC Adds New Regional Sales Representative
Tim McElhany will serve as sales representative for Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

PHA Plays Role as Multifunctional Additive in PVC
At Vinyltec 2015, Metabolix presented the latest data on its biobased PHA copolymer in a range of PVC applications.

Plastics Pioneers Association Adds Three to Membership Roster
Bruner, Goldsberry and Shoemaker added to ranks of group.

Priamus Joins Stable of Hot-Runner Suppliers
Three hot-runner makers and a controls supplier come under the same umbrella.

Process Adds Glass Barrier Layer to PP Tub
Believed to be a first for PP thermoforming.

Profile Processor Wins Michigan Award
Custom Profile acknowledged as one of best manufacturers in Michigan.

RJG Presents 2015 Training Excellence Awards
Moldmaker, molder acknowledged for their commitment to training.

Solvay Acquires LFT Business From EPIC Polymers
To gain access to metal replacement of larger automotive semi-structural parts, Solvay has acquire EPIC's long-fiber thermoplastic business.

Thermwood Begins Initial Testing Of New AM System
Testing included initial validation of patent-pending MeltShape Technology, a new technique for enhanced control of layer shape and improved bonding between layers.

TPE Supplier Plans Further Expansion
United Soft Plastics has been growing over its 10-yr life span, particularly on the domestic front in more recent years.

U.S. Plastic Bottle Recycling Reaches 3 Billion Pounds
Single-stream collection of household recyclables continues to grow, resulting in higher participation rates.

Processor's Business Index

Large & Medium-Sized Plants Expand
Smaller operations might be struggling, but the heart of the industry is growing.


Additives: Multi-Purpose Modifiers Pump Up Properties of Virgin & Recycled Plastics
A new slate of compatibilizers, chain extenders, and process aids improve properties and processability of resin alloys and mixed post-consumer recycle.

Down in the Valley, Profiles Grow
Valley Extrusions carves niche in tight-tolerance, short-run tubing and profiles.

Get Back to Basics On Water-Cooling Equipment
Neglecting your plant water systems can result in inefficiencies and downtime. Follow these tips when you get new equipment on stream or to maintain what you’re already running.

Keeping Up With Technology

ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING: Polycarbonate for 3D Printing
Lower-temperature processing makes PC more adaptable to additive manufacturing.

COMPOUNDING: Loss-in-Weight Feeder Refill for Continuous Powder Processing
Receivers operate under dilute-phase vacuum conveying.

EXTRUSION: Thermoformer Supplier Now Building Sheet Lines
Specializing in PP mono and coex systems.

FEEDING: Redesigned Scale for Loss-In-Weight Feeding
More hygienic, accurate, and easy to clean.

INJECTION MOLDING: New Features for Mold Simulation
Process Wizard mimics injection machine controllers

INJECTION MOLDING: Small-Shot LSR Press for Clean Rooms
Suited to quick changeovers and short runs.

MATERIALS: Halogen-Free FR Nylon 6 for Electrical Switches
Lanxess' halogen-free FR, glass-reinforced nylon 6 has high mechanical strength and thermal stability for use in a broad range of circuit breakers.

MATERIALS: High-Heat Stabilized Nylons for Electronics
Lanxess has developed a new metal-free heat stabilizing system for its Durethan nylons.

MATERIALS: New Class of PE Film Resins Adds Fresh Downgauging Potential
New LLDPEs boast unmatched stiffness/toughness balance and processing ease. Better downgauging ahead.

MATERIALS: PPA for High-Performance Electrical & Electronics Applications
Evonik's new PPA is aimed at high-end LEDs found in headlamps, flat-screen TVs and moveable lens module units for smartphones.

Resin Prices

Commodity Resin Prices Flat or Lower
Mostly quiet forecast for the end of the year.


Save the Date: Molding 2016, March 29-31
Industry’s preeminent technical conference on injection molding will have broader appeal next year.

Market Watch

Construction Market Boomed in 2015
Next year is shaping up strong, too, though growth could peak around summertime.

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