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May 2015

Close-Up on Technology

A New Name & New Dimension in Mold- Temperature Control
Controlling both water temperature and flow rate promises dramatic savings in energy and cycle time.

Compression Blow Forming: Promising New Process for Long Runs
‘Game-changing’ technology is overcoming initial growing pains with a new generation of machines.

News Highlights from NPE2015
Here’s a first look at new technology in materials, auxiliaries, and all types of processes.

Processor's Edge

Molder Cuts Post-Purge Costs and Downtime in Half
By switching to a new purging compound, IMCO now can complete a changeover in 10 min.

Know How

EXTRUSION: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Run Your Extruders Dry
At least not for longer than a few minutes. The thin film that’s captured between the screw flights and barrel wall supports the screw and acts as a lubricant. Without it, galling can occur.

INJECTION MOLDING: Scientific Molding Gone Wrong
Sometimes molders get trained in Scientific Molding only to revert to their old way of doing things as soon problems pop up.

MATERIALS: The Trouble with Data Sheets
Data sheets are routinely relied upon, yet the data they provide is limited in scope and can lead to incorrect conclusions.

TOOLING: Venting: A View From the Trenches
Venting is a prime culprit for molding problems, partly because toolmakers and process techs have different ideas of what’s needed.

Starting Up

American Injection Molding Institute: ‘A New Kind of Plastics Education’
Building 'foundational knowledge' and critical thinking skills.

DuPont Boosts PPA Capacity
Supporting demand in automotive and consumer electronics.

Eastman Adds Tritan Capacity; More Planned
Keeping up with demand for a unique copolyester.

ICMA Sets Up Lab Line in Michigan
Italian supplier of twin-screw compounding machinery represented by Prescott Machine in North America.

Kraiburg Breaks Ground for New U.S. HQ
TPE compounder expands U.S. footprint.

Meet YuMi: ABB’s new collaborative dual-arm robot
YuMi can reportedly collaborate, side-by-side, with humans in a normal manufacturing environment.

More News in TP Composites
Materials supplier installs automated composite molding cell, and custom molder opens advanced composites center.

Shanghai’s Sonner Establishes U.S. Presence in Akron, Exhibits at NPE
Shanghai based Sonner Technology used its first NPE to further establish the auxiliary equipment supplier in the North American market.

Study Finds Jam Bars Redundant: U.S. and European IM Suppliers Move Closer Towards Harmonization
Ruled redundant, could jam bars be going the way of plungers on new injection molding machines sold into the U.S.?

Two New Directions for Una-Dyn at NPE
Powder bulk handling and process cooling are two new product lines.

Wittmann Battenfeld Unveils Composite Molding System
Another injection-machine builder enters the competition in organosheet overmolding.

Processor's Business Index

Processors’ Growth Returns
After a one-month dip, the market expands once more, though the rate has slowed.


Engineering Thermoplastics Are Going ‘Green’
As high-performance materials follow the path taken by some commodity resins, farming could replace drilling as suppliers rely more on plants than oil or gas for feedstocks.

Injection Molding, California Style
There are particular challenges associated with plastics processing in the Golden State. But opportunities beckon for those who can overcome them. That’s the story of AMA Plastics.

Know Your Options for Foaming Sheet
Tandem extrusion of PS is still the standard technology, but new materials options and equipment technology are emerging.

Shredding Thin Film: How to Do It Right
While many processors recoil at this task, a little know-how in shredding equipment, processing, and maintenance should add the necessary confidence.

Ten Tips to Slash Cycles in PET Preform Molding
Here are some tricks of the trade to make your preform processing more productive, even if you don’t have the latest souped-up press.

Keeping Up With Technology

ADDITIVES: New PVC Process Aid & Soy Plasticizers
Process aid for PVC foam sheet and pipe, and phthalate-replacement plasticizer.

COMPOUNDING: Next-Generation Twins Offer Higher Torque
Increased throughout and decreased melt temperatures also touted.

COMPOUNDING: Process Produces Continuous Medium Glass Fiber Thermoplastic Compounds
Technology deemed most applicable where PP short-glass and nylon short-glass reinforced materials are used.

Cost Estimating, Quoting Software Adds Greater Detail
As processors adopt open book accounting with OEMs more transparency into costs and better cost estimating will become necessary.

ERP SOFTWARE: Real-time automation and quality management tools
New software features showcased at NPE2015.

EXTRUSION: Control System Just For Extrusion
Billed as cost-effective and user-friendly.

EXTRUSION: Multi-Layer Die For High-End Tubing
New tool aimed at automotive, medical, appliance and other applications.

INJECTION MOLDING & EXTRUSION: Screw/Barrel Combo Fights Wear
Two nickel alloys resist highly filled and reinforced compounds.

INJECTION MOLDING: Enhanced Magnetic Mold Clamping
Adding sensors and touchscreen control.

Novel two-arm configuration has a total of 16 servo axes.

INJECTION MOLDING: Simulation for Powder Injection Molding
Modeling powder-binder segregation more accurately.

Intelligent FFS Packaging Machine For Compounders
Form-fill-seal system weighs, bags and palletizes product after pelletizing.

MATERIALS: 3D Printing with Carbon Fiber
Copolyester filament reinforced with carbon fibers.

MATERIALS: Specialty Olefinic TPE For High-Performance Stretch Films
A thin functional layer offers big benefits in cast PPS films.

PURGING: Device Makes Purging Safer, Simpler
New purge guard is reusable and recyclable.

THERMOFORMING: High-Speed Cup Former
Machine said to be energy efficient as well.

Resin Prices

PE, PS, PVC Prices Moving Upwards
Global and domestic supply constrictions reverse the recent downward trend in prices for commodity resins.


The Clock is Ticking: It’s Time to Register for Molding ’15
…and to attend the co-located Amerimold show in Chicago.

Market Watch

Housing’s Faster Growth Could Boost Appliance Production
Leading indicators suggest continued growth in appliances.

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