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October 2015

Close-Up on Technology

‘Wearable’ Machine Sensors Extended to Power Factor & Retrofits
As is often the case with a new technology, customers are dictating how predictive-maintenance sensors will be applied and where they might be headed next.

Achieving Zero Waste: Two Processors Prove It’s Possible
Working with an Ohio-based recycler, two film and sheet processors go landfill-free.

New Sensor Technology Monitors State of the Melt During Molding
Detect ‘true’ melt temperature, viscosity variations, melt density, and much more, throughout the molding cycle.

Processor's Edge

New PLA Molder Anticipates Swift Growth
SelfEco developed two diverse PLA product lines in less than a year.

Know How

EXTRUSION: Pellet Geometry Can Impact Output
A simple angle-of-repose experiment can help you determine how your pellets will feed.

INJECTION MOLDING: Why Pellet Size and Shape Are Important
Uniformity is needed to help ensure melt quality.

MATERIALS: Impact Testing: The Problems With Single-Point Data
Knowledge of test conditions and graphical data showing the course of the impact event can help provide engineers and designers with the information they need to make informed choices about material toughness.

TOOLING: Having Trouble with Lifters?
Lifters can cause tool maintenance, repair, and processing issues if not designed properly. Here we begin a series on how to avoid all this.

Starting Up

Anchor Packaging Launches Alternative to Foam Clamshell
Anchor Packaging says its clamshell replacement is a truly affordable upgrade to foam.

Chinese TPE Compounder Reshores to Chicago Area
New TPE compounder in the Midwest launched by a Chinese-born, U.S. citizen who already had a successful compounding operation in his homeland.

Davis-­Standard Buys Gloucester Engineering
Acquisition will expand Davis' blown film and aftermarket business worldwide.

Dyna-Purge and 3Dom Develop 3D Purging Compound
The new Dyna-Purge 3D Clean purging compound is geared to a broad range of FDM 3D printers.

Iowa State University Buys Wittmann Battenfeld Machine
The HM 90/350 injection molding machine will increase production capacity and prototyping capabilities at the university.

New BOPP Just For IML Thermoforming
Said to deliver a look and feel comparable to injection-molded products.

RTP Offers Tribology Data for Medical Device Material Selection
Until recently, there were no established industry tests that accurately predict friction behavior.

Sekisui Starts Up New Hybrid Foam Molding Facility in Ohio
Plans for Sekisui's new foam molding facility include material production.

Thermal Care Breaks Ground on New Building
Relocation to new facility is planned for March 2016.

Tough, Ultra-Low Weight TPU Used for Inner Tube of New Mountain Bikes
BASF's new TPU enables a 65% wall thickness reduction.

Trex Enters Recycled LLDPE Compounds Market
This leading maker of wood-plastic decking has found a way to close the recycling loop.

Trexel Adds Chemical Foaming Agent to Its Product Line
Special additive offers economical microcellular foaming for low-volume jobs with PE, PP.

Unusual TPE Used in Swim Fin for Amputees
S&E's TPE compound is well-suited to the new Amp Fin swim fin.

Processor's Business Index

Contraction Continues
Business index for plastics processors dips for fourth straight month.

Recycled Resin Prices

RPET Prices Continue Downward Slide
Prices are down and will stay that way for the rest of the year.


Here’s What You Need to Know to Make World-Class Stretch Film
Advances in materials, feedblock/die technologies, and winding can help processors develop more sophisticated cast-stretch products.

R&D Thermoformer: Tek Pak Is Launch Pad For New Products
Toolmaker and thermoformer takes concepts to production-ready parts in record time.

Spec’ing a Robot? Match It To Your Press Size & Project
Where is your business today? What might tomorrow’s molding projects look like? These are among the questions you need to answer when deciding what style of robot is best for you.

To Improve Feeder Performance, Start by Understanding Three Key Components
These are the screw trough, agitator, and the screw itself. It’s crucial to understand the different types and the advantages/disadvantages of each.

Keeping Up With Technology

COMPOUNDING: Twin-Screw Extruder Now Has Servo-Motor/Drive
New motor said to be much quieter, more accurate.

DRYING: RF Drying For Temperature-Sensitive Materials
System employs volumetric heating.

EXTRUSION: High-Speed Pump Won’t Increase Melt Temperature
Also, improved pressure building, even at low speed.

EXTRUSION: Patented Seal For Hydraulic, Manual Screen Changers
Features springs that provide lock-up force for immediate seal protection.

EXTRUSION: Rotary Dies Run At Higher Speeds
New tool also said to improve wall strength of extruded tubing.

FEEDING: Closed-Loop Controls Boost Feeder Accuracy
Units come in a wide range of feed rates.

INJECTION MOLDING: High-Temperature Heat-Transfer Fluid and ‘Rejuvenating’ Additive
New additive lengthens oil life, prevents sludge.

INJECTION MOLDING: Infrared Sensors Measure ‘Real’ Melt Temperature
Mold-mounted fiber-optic sensors do what ordinary thermocouples can't.

INJECTION MOLDING: New Controls for Hot Runners, Auxiliary Injectors
Adaptive auto-tuning control of heaters and servomotors.

INJECTION MOLDING: Robot EOAT Quick-Change System
Color-coded locking information provides visual confirmation.

INJECTION MOLDING: Sneak Peek at Fakuma News
News in LSR, micromolding, IML, medical technology, and more.

MATERIALS: Hybrid Glass/Carbon Fiber Composites in PP, TPU
PlastiComp has added to its hybrid long-glass+carbon fiber thermoplastic composites offerings.

MATERIALS: Permanent ESD Sheet for Electronics
Polymeric conductive additive stays put.

MATERIALS: Thermoplastic Compounds Rival Ceramics, PCBs in Base Station Antenna Parts
SABIC's new suite of compounds offer different combinations of dielectric constant (Df) and dielectric dissipation factor (Df) performance.

RESIN CONVEYING: Powder Loaders Available in Two Configurations
Said to be ideal for handling PVC and other powders down to 1 micron.

SOFTWARE: Enhanced Die Design Software Minimizes Tuning
Said to enable cutting of physical tuning by 50%.

TESTING: Versatile Spectrophotometer Measures Variety of Samples
Konica Minolta's CM-5 can measure samples with different material characteristics.

THERMOFORMING: Training Program Aims At Thin-Sheet Forming
Said to be first-ever program of its kind.

TOOLING: IML for Stack Molds Made Simpler, More Versatile
Now insert labels on inner plates with outside gating and no stringing.

TOOLING: Tapered Interlocks In 60 Standard Configurations
These components guarantee a positive stop.

Resin Prices

Major Resin Prices Soften
Major Resin Prices Soften


Don’t Waste Any More Time: Register Now for the Extrusion 2015 Conference
Don’t miss out on the technical event of the year in extrusion.

Market Watch

Electronics Production to Slow Further in 2016
Slower growth attributable to consumers spending less.

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