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May 2016

Close-Up on Technology

AdvanTech Hopes To Open Up New Closure Market
A linerless, one-piece injection molded cap for carbonated soft drinks cuts weight dramatically.

MOLDING 2016 CONFERENCE: New Approaches to Processing, Tooling & Quality Assurance
The largest-ever annual Molding Conference included newsworthy technical presentations on a variety of injection molding topics. Here’s a selection.

Processor's Edge

High-Tech Molder Modernizes Its Fleet
EPC replaces older presses with its first all-electrics, in integrated cells from a single source.

Know How

EXTRUSION: Finding the Sweet Spot
The compression ratio of a screw does not provide enough detail on how it will perform. Screw design is a balancing act that takes many variables into account.

INJECTION MOLDING: Gate Freeze Study: Danger in a Name?
The test actually determines the hold time needed to mold repeatable parts, and it should be done regardless of whether the gate freezes or not.

MATERIALS: The Problems with Single-Point Data
It’s time for material suppliers to take a fresh approach to providing data. Thankfully, things are starting to move in that direction. Part 12 of 12.

TOOLING: Hot Runners: A View from the Trenches
I conclude this three-part examination of real-world problems and solutions involving hot runners by focusing on heaters, thermocouples, and controls. Part 3 of 3.

Starting Up

Advancing Composites in the Black Hills of SD
The CNAM Center at the South Dakota School of Mines seeks to act as a nucleus for composites manufacturing.

Americhem Acquires Vi-Chem Corp.
Company becomes new entrant into flexible PVC and TPE compounding arenas.

BASF and Korea's Kolon to Build World's Largest POM Production Complex
New joint venture to use highly-efficient production technology and offer specialty products globally.

BASF, Avantium Partner to Scale-Up PEF Barrier Resins Production
This joint venture will accelerate development and licensing of Avantium production processes of precursor FDCA and PEF resin.

Coperion Relocates U.S. Headquarters
Compounding equipment machine builder completes move from Ramsey, N.J. to three other facilities.

Engel Boosts Injection Molding Machine Manufacturing Capacity in Shanghai
Only four years after doubling the capacity of its large-press mold machine manufacturing business in Shanghai, Engel is once again expanding the site, adding another CNC hall for platen fabrication, as well as office space.

Introducing 'HD Plastics'
"High Definition Plastics" is a new way of thinking about the benefits of heat/cool molding with induction heating.

IPEG Buys Pelletron
Purchase puts IPEG in market for large conveying systems for resin plants.

Metabolix and CJ Agreement Paves Road for Commercial-Scale Production of Specialty PHA
Teaming up with a leader in microbial fermentation will hasten Metabolix's vision for large-scale availability of its specialty PHA products.

Moldflow Announces 2016 Summit
A free, one-day, high-touch event in Detroit, Michigan, showcasing what’s new in Moldflow.

New Injection Screw Is Said to Be Truly ‘All-Purpose’
A mixing section with removable dams can adjust melting capability to the viscosity of the material.

Plastics Machinery Business Finishes Strong in 2015
A robust fourth quarter helped push North American shipments of plastics machinery to their sixth straight year of growth.

Trials Show 'Dryer-Less' System Converts Mixed Regrind Into High-Quality Thermoformed Sheet
In production-scale trials, PETG and APET scrap bypasses landfill thanks to PTi's high-vacuum, twin-screw extrusion system.

Processor's Business Index

March 2016 Index: 52.8
Processing business index registers growth for first time in 10 months.


Hot/Cold Injection Molding: Which Approach Is Best for You?
The hot-and-cold molding process gives molders a new tool to achieve top-quality esthetics or to fill challenging thin-wall parts. There are a number of options in heating methods, and this article discusses the ins and outs of each.

Is Your Granulator Helping You Maximize Your Profit?
It’s easy to take a scrap granulator for granted. Many people do. But getting the most value out of your production scrap requires both a granulator design and a preventive-maintenance program that are appropriate to the way you use the granulator.

On-Site: The Buck Stops Here
Fully integrated manufacturing and an unwavering commitment to quality has helped position NELMAR as the ‘gold standard’ in tamper-evident security bags.

Put Your Dryers on a Preventive Maintenance Program
No one likes to do them. Many avoid them altogether. But a periodic “PM” program for your dryers pays off in the long run.

Keeping Up With Technology

ADDITIVES: Enhanced Non-Phthalate Plasticizer
Eastman's newest non-phthalate boasts better efficiency and more.

ADDITIVES: Infrared Absorption Additive for Fluoropolymer Roofing
PolyOne Colorant Chromatics' additive boosts energy efficiency and comfort in large indoor facilities.

AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT: Corrosion-Resistant Swivel Hoist Rings
Have load capacities from 500 to 100,000 lb.

BLOW MOLDING: Economical, Compact Shuttles And Suction Blow Machine
Redesigned shuttle machines standardized for economy and quick delivery.

COMPOUNDING: Air-Quench Pelletizer Line
Designed for highly filled and water soluble formulations

DRYING: Desiccant Wheels Come Standard With Color Touchscreens
All units furnished with 7-in. high-resolution touchscreen PLC.

DRYING: Unit for Low, Mid-Range Throughputs
Dual-desiccant bed units require no compressed air.

EXTRUSION: Pre-Configured Temperature Controller
Billed as ideal and efficient solution for closed-loop temperature control.

FEEDING: Mini Compressed-Air Loader
Feeds primary machinery at rates to 20 lb/hr.

FILM EXTRUSION: Powerful Narrow Web Cleaner
Easy-to-install unit can be used even on thin films.

INJECTION MOLDING: ‘Entry-Level’ Electric Machines With Good Price/Performance Ratio
Economy through standardization marks this new electric series.

INJECTION MOLDING: Online Course Teaches Proper Scientific Molding Documentation
Training course works across all platforms and devices.

INJECTION MOLDING: Retrofit Injection Package for LSR
Nordson Xaloy offers complete retrofit kit for standard machines.

INJECTION MOLDING: Weekly Timer Starts Presses Up Automatically, Saving Energy
Save time and energy by preheating machines just in time for production.

MATERIAL HANDLING: Bulk-Bag Filler Built for Safety
Swing-down fill head pivots to operator at floor level.

MATERIALS: Coex Fluoropolymer Has 'Exceptional' Self-Bonding Capabilities
AGC Chemicals' new, ultra-low-melting ETFE resins exhibits advanced adhesive properties.

MATERIALS: High-Performance LLDPE for Heavy-Duty Sacks
Nova's new octene copolymer LLDPE's distinct molecular architecture delivers a previously unavailable mix of properties.

TOOLING: Faster Cooling Core Pins
Tungsten carbide pins conduct heat like Be Cu but are much stiffer and harder.

Resin Prices

Resin Prices Up, Except for PP
In a reversal of recent trends, PP prices may head down while prices of the other three large-volume commodity resins head up.


Color Done Right
Look for a supplement to the September Issue of Plastics Technology with tips and techniques that will help you make your coloring operations as efficient as possible

Market Watch

Positive Signs for Appliance Production
Reshoring and an improved housing market bode well for appliances.

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