$1-Million Circular Materials Challenge Aims to Reduce Plastics Pollution

Global innovators, scientists and entrepreneurs are invited to submit new materials solutions to Ellen MacArthur Foundation and NineSigma.

Injection Molding

How to Duplicate a Process From Press to Press

To adopt the right approach you must distinguish between machine and plastic parameters.

Extrusion / Extrusion - Film

Sizing the Barrier Gap

Here’s a less complex way to properly size the barrier gap for barrier screws.

Knowledge Centers

Gain in-depth knowledge in processes, products and technology from industry experts.

Plastics Technology
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Practical hands-on solutions to common processing problems tips and techniques.


Injection Molding



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Resin Pricing
Commodity Resin Prices Dropping

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March 2017 Index: 55.1

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Appliance Growth Slowing