PT ZONE: Packaging

Cooling Makeover Helps Plant Boost Efficiency, Save Energy
Switch to new system also allows extruder and thermoformer to boost throughputs. More (+)
Positive Signs for Appliances
Indicators suggest growth in production of appliances should kick in mid-2017. More (+)


September’s Index—49.5

Custom processors grow for fifth month in seven.

What Blow Molders Say About All-Electric Machines

They are well established in Europe, but molders in North America are just beginning to come around to all-electrics’ improved performance, maintenance, cleanliness, and—yes— energy efficiency. Here’s first-hand testimony, from the U.S. and abroad.

Techmer PM Expands Operations with Production Facility in Mexico

Company aims to start up operations in second half of 2017.

Nylon 6 Producer AdvanSix Launched as an Independent Company

AdvanSix's competitive advantage includes its vertically-integrated manufacturing.

Mars Drinks's Single-Serve Packaging Lowers Carbon Foorprint

New-generation Freshpack eliminates aluminum and reduces carbon footprint by 31%

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Thousands of processors compete in the packaging end market in applications that run the gamut from blow-molded bottles to injection-molded caps and closures to extruded film and sheet for food and non-food applications. More resin is consumed in packaging than in any other market, which tends to make profit margins extra snug. In this zone you will get updated on the new technology and best practices among leading processors you can use to get the edge.

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