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Materials at NPE: New Solutions to Enhance Processing, Performance, Sustainability & Cost
There was no shortage of new thermoplastics and additives covering the full range of end-use applications. More (+)
Packaging Demand Has Probably Peaked
Consumers are spending less on food and beverage consumption. More (+)


First Ocean-Cleaning System Set to Deploy in 2016

The Ocean Cleanup's unique ocean cleaning-system will be the longest floating structure ever deployed in the ocean.

PE Market Film Analysis: Converter Film

Market projected to grow by 3.6% year through 2017.

MHG Strives to Accelerate Biopolymer Formulation Capabilities

Partnering with the University of Georgia, MHG aims to advance commercial development of its biopolymers.

Nova Installs Nine-Layer Blown Film Coextrusion Line to Enhance Customer Collaboration

As part of a several upgrades at its Calgary R&D facility, Nova Chemicals has installed a semi-commercial scale nine-layer blown film coextrusion line.

Continued Optimism, Job Satisfaction Shown by Plastics Salary & Industry Survey

Latest plastics salary survey by SPE and Gros Executive Recruiters shows continued uptick in both salaries and job satisfaction.

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Thousands of processors compete in the packaging end market in applications that run the gamut from blow-molded bottles to injection-molded caps and closures to extruded film and sheet for food and non-food applications. More resin is consumed in packaging than in any other market, which tends to make profit margins extra snug. In this zone you will get updated on the new technology and best practices among leading processors you can use to get the edge.

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