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Amcor Launches New Business For Small-Volume Bottle Production
Full-service design and production available with economical lower-cavitation tooling. More (+)
PT Article All-Electric Drive Impacts Milk-Jug Blow Molding
Although it has taken more than a decade, electric servo drives are starting to hit their stride in blow molding machines. More (+)

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Portuguese Blow Molder Expands Kansas City Plant

Logoplaste will invest $35 million to expand its facility in Kansas City, making it the company’s new U.S. manufacturing and distribution hub.

Why & When Should You Re-Crystallize PET Scrap?

Whether you’re blow molding PET bottles or extruding APET sheet, you’ll produce amorphous scrap in the process. How you handle it will impact your production costs. Re-crystallizing it will help.

Speed to Market: Pretium Stays Light on Its Feet And Ahead of the Pack

A visit to its largest PET plant illustrates how this versatile blow molder leverages design skills, a can-do attitude, and a high degree of production flexibility to supply custom products in ever-shorter time windows. A new thrust into automation will help pick up the pace.

‘China Is No Longer Cheap’

When I spoke with Scott Huff about his China-based company’s plans to open a new production facility in the U.S., he was actually getting ready to board a flight to Shenzhen.

Ultra-Light PET Bottle Expands Range for Hot-Fill

Hot-fill PET bottles now approach aseptic bottle weights.

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Stretch Blow Molding


Stretch blow molding is the common method for producing soda bottles. The process begins with an injection molded perform. The perform is typically pre-heated then stretched in the axial direction and blown into its final shape by a stretch blow molding machine.

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