PT ZONE: Molds & Tooling

CT Scanning Gives Precision Molder X-Ray Vision of Part Quality
It beats other techniques for measuring critical part dimensions, and it provides unique visibility inside parts, nondestructively. One molder’s experience illustrates the benefits. More (+)
PT Article TOOLING: New Sensors Extend Range Of Core-Pull Systems
Low-profile proximity and high-temperature sensors added to line. More (+)


INJECTION MOLDING: Simulation for Powder Injection Molding

Modeling powder-binder segregation more accurately.

INJECTION MOLDING: Enhanced Magnetic Mold Clamping

Adding sensors and touchscreen control.

American Injection Molding Institute: ‘A New Kind of Plastics Education’

Building 'foundational knowledge' and critical thinking skills.

News Highlights from NPE2015

Here’s a first look at new technology in materials, auxiliaries, and all types of processes.

TOOLING: Venting: A View From the Trenches

Venting is a prime culprit for molding problems, partly because toolmakers and process techs have different ideas of what’s needed.

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Molds & Tooling


Used in all processes to give the melted plastic its final shape. The terms mold and tool generally refer to parts produced via injection or blow molding. Molds are generally made of tool steel, aluminum, copper and alloys. Mold components consists of components such as mold bases, pins, ejectors, lifters, bushings, guides and alignment devices. From this zone you can link to information on mold maintenance, mold simulation and CAD/CAM.

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