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Omegasonics OMG4430 ultrasonic cleaner Ultrasonic Cleaner Accommodates Larger Castings
The OMG4430, Omegasonics’ largest standard ultrasonic cleaning unit, is well-suited for cleaning and maintaining larger castings to ensure uninterrupted production. More (+)
Die-Sep Mini mold separator Mold Separators Handle Range of Sizes
Die-Sep Mini mold separators are available in a number of configurations for small molds ranging from 6" × 6" × 6" to 24" × 24" × 30" and weighing as much as 3,000 lbs. More (+)


Two-Stage Injection Meets Molder’s Need for High Precision

Fixed screw and plunger with no check ring hold tolerances of millionths of an inch.

Laser Welder Designed for In-House Mold Repair
MoldMaking Technology

The Orion LZR Combo 200 laser welder from Sunstone was developed specifically for rapid and economical repair of molds and dies as large as 40" × 40" directly in a shop.

Solving Issues with Gloss

Your problem may be related to tooling, material, processing, or combinations thereof. Here’s how to find the root cause.

Moldmaker Branches Out With New Services & Technologies

NyproMold offers new development tooling program and the latest in servo drives, enhanced cooling, and CT scanning.

EN Coating Protects Tooling from Wear
MoldMaking Technology

Bales Metal Surface Solutions’ Diamond EN electroless nickel coating incorporates diamond particles into the electroless nickel for increased durability, protecting tooling from wear.

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Molds & Tooling


Used in all processes to give the melted plastic its final shape. The terms mold and tool generally refer to parts produced via injection or blow molding. Molds are generally made of tool steel, aluminum, copper and alloys. Mold components consists of components such as mold bases, pins, ejectors, lifters, bushings, guides and alignment devices. From this zone you can link to information on mold maintenance, mold simulation and CAD/CAM.

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