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PT Article BPA Gets European Authority's 'Green Light' Following FDA Ruling
Last December, FDA confirmed that BPA is safe as currently used and the EFSA has now ruled similarly. More (+)
PT Article PolyOne Releases Four Color Palettes For 2016
Aiming to inspire designers of plastic products, PolyOne launched InVisio Color Inspiration 2016. More (+)


Polymer Technology Innovations To Star At 'NPE2015 Startup Garage'

Expect to see at least twelve startup ventures with exciting new technologies at the 'NPE2015 Startup Garage' exhibitions.

Akcros Invests In Safe, High-Quality Biocides

The start-up of manufacturing of pelletized isothiazalone-based biocides is underway at Akcros's New Brunswick facility.

Reedy International Gets New Name

Along with new headquarters, Reedy International has the new name of Reedy Chemical Foam & Specialty Additives.

ADDITIVES: Novel Crosslinker For Broad Range Of Plastics

Nexam Chemical launches multifunctional additive for virgin and recycled commodity and engineering resins and composites.

Are Fillers and Pigments Impacting Your Processing Parameters?

As parts are loaded with higher and higher levels of fillers, pigments, and more, processors don’t always consider the impact these additives have on production.

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Additives are materials that are added to the primary resin to improve the polymer’s processability or its performance or appearance in some way. They are used with virtually all polymers either at the compounding stage or during processing, when they may be dosed in via a blender. Some categories of additives include flame/smoke retardants, impact modifiers, process aids, colorants and clarifiers.

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