Packaging: Food Container Relies on IML for Oxygen Barrier

Barrier coextruded in-mold label protects pasta sauce in injection molded tub.

This spring, Ragú pasta sauce became the first U.K. product to use RPC Superfos’s award-winning SuperLock barrier packaging technology. The 400-ml PP tub, supplied to manufacturer Symingtons by RPC Containers Blackburn in the U.K., was chosen over glass for its shelf life of up to 24 months, glass-like clarity, and shatterproof safety. SuperLock provides an oxygen barrier on all surfaces by means of injection molding with an in-mold label made from a coextruded film.

After filling, the tubs are covered with a PP/EVOH/PP membrane seal and then a twist-off/screw-on lid. Suitable for hot filling and autoclaving, as well as freezer-safe, the container is said to ensure “virtually zero oxygen transmission,” according to RPC. RPC-Superfos is based in Denmark.

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