PolyOne Acquires Certain TPE Technologies from Kraton

A broader offering of SBC-based TPEs will now be available from PolyOne.

PolyOne Corp., Cleveland has acquired certain TPE technologies and assets from Houston-based Kraton Performance Polymers. The two parties have also entered into a supply agreement, whereby Kraton will provide PolyOne certain raw materials used in production for the acquired business.

Asked how this deal will alter these businesses, Walt Ripple, v.p. and general manager, PolyOne GLS Thermoplastic Elastomers puts it this way, “This acquisition helps our customers innovate and grow by building upon PolyOne’s expertise in TPE formulations and product design and gives them access to an even broader suite of SBC-based polymer technology and value-added services. It also expands PolyOne’s TPE customer offering into protective film applications, and broadens TPE applications in existing markets where we already serve customers, such as packaging, medical devices and personal care products.”

Kevin Fogarty, president and CEO of Kraton stated, “I view this transaction as a win for both companies, and most importantly, for our respective shareholders and customers. It allows PolyOne and Kraton to focus on our core competencies and help our customers with new and unique solutions that differentiate them in the marketplace. 

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