The Practical Processor: May 2010

Your processing questions answered

Q. What is the best procedure to transition into and out of nylon 6 from LLDPE with a grooved-feed extruder?
Wisconsin film processor


A. To transition from LLDPE to nylon 6, the first step is to raise the extruder and die profiles to the processing temperature of the nylon, approximately 490 F. The grooved feed-section temperature should be raised to 210 F, just below the melting point of the LLDPE. As the material transitions to nylon 6, raise the temperature of the grooved-feed section to 420 F, the nylon’s softening point. To transition out of nylon 6 back to LLDPE, keep the die and extruder temperature at the nylon processing temperature. Before introducing the new resin, lower the grooved-feed temperature to just below the LLDPE melting point (210 F). When the nylon is completely purged out of the extruder, lower die and grooved-feed profile to the normal processing temperatures for LLDPE.

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