Fundamentals of Twin-screw Extrusion Compounding: Taming Hard-to-handle Ingredients for Increased Productivity and Improved Performance

July 12
2:00 PM

Requirements for polymer compounds continue to push the performance envelope with respect to mechanical properties i.e. flex modulus; aesthetic properties i.e. surface quality; processing characteristics i.e. viscosity; and as always, cost. In order to attain improved performance, formulations can become very complex and require use of “Hard-to Handle” ingredients. These may include non-free flowing “sticky” powder, low bulk density powder, low melting point solids, low viscosity liquids and high aspect ratio fibers to name a few. 

This presentation will review many of the basic requirements for compounding with “Hard-to Handle” materials as well highlight recent innovations in Co-rotating Twin-screw technology that have enhanced product quality and productivity for these materials. 

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