PT ZONE: Materials

Dyna-Purge and 3Dom Develop 3D Purging Compound
The new Dyna-Purge 3D Clean purging compound is geared to a broad range of FDM 3D printers. More (+)
Anchor Packaging Launches Alternative to Foam Clamshell
Anchor Packaging says its clamshell replacement is a truly affordable upgrade to foam. More (+)


Tough, Ultra-Low Weight TPU Used for Inner Tube of New Mountain Bikes

BASF's new TPU enables a 65% wall thickness reduction.

Unusual TPE Used in Swim Fin for Amputees

S&E's TPE compound is well-suited to the new Amp Fin swim fin.

RTP Offers Tribology Data for Medical Device Material Selection

Until recently, there were no established industry tests that accurately predict friction behavior.

Sekisui Starts Up New Hybrid Foam Molding Facility in Ohio

Plans for Sekisui's new foam molding facility include material production.

Keynotes Among Highlights of Upcoming Automotive TPO Conference

A range of topics including future automotive trends and the evolution of TPO material performance will be discussed by an impressive lineup of keynote speakers.

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A generic term for plastics, thermoplastics or polymers, materials are the stuff of which molded and extruded parts are made. Broad subcategories include commodity materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC; and engineering materials such as nylon, acetal and ABS for applications requiring higher performance in the areas of heat resistance, chemical resistance, impact, fire retardancy or mechanical strength. This Zone includes links to many material subsets, including those mentioned above as well as thermoplastics elastomers, biopolymers and nanocomposites.

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