PT ZONE: Extrusion

EXTRUSION: Thermoformer Supplier Now Building Sheet Lines
Specializing in PP mono and coex systems. More (+)
PT Article Maag Buys Gala, RE Scheer
New powerhouse in pelletizers. More (+)


New Roll Lock-Out System Protects Sheet Operators

First-of-a-kind system prevents rolls from closing accidentally.

EXTRUSION: Melting 101

Learn the basics on how polymer melts in a single screw. Barrel temperature plays less of a role than you might think.

Large & Medium-Sized Plants Expand

Smaller operations might be struggling, but the heart of the industry is growing.

Pellet Production Is a Blast For This Processor

Maxi-Blast opens a plant with brand-new equipment to produce its own pellet blasting media.

Down in the Valley, Profiles Grow

Valley Extrusions carves niche in tight-tolerance, short-run tubing and profiles.

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Extrusion is a continuous process through which parts of a fixed cross-sectional profile are made. Material is fed through a hopper into an extruder, essentially a rotating screw surrounded by a heated barrel, where it is mixed, melted and pumped through a die. The die gives the part its shape. From this zone you link to information on some of the more common extrusion methods, such as film, sheet, and pipe/profile/tubing

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Sooner or later you will need to purge your machine. Which material should you use to purge your screw and barrel?

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