PT ZONE: Extrusion

Second Contraction in Three Months
Slowdown among small-to-mid-size processors drags index down. More (+)
Air-Ring Upgrades Get Film Processor Quickly Up to Spec
PolyExpert’s trials lead to installation of three new air rings and one digital IBC control to speed changeovers and reduce scrap. More (+)


EXTRUSION: Another Technique for Controlling Melt Temperature

Flight widths are almost always designed at 10% of the screw diameter. But they can be optimized to reduce melt temperature and perhaps boost output.

PE Market Film Analysis: Converter Film

Market projected to grow by 3.6% year through 2017.

Nova Installs Nine-Layer Blown Film Coextrusion Line to Enhance Customer Collaboration

As part of a several upgrades at its Calgary R&D facility, Nova Chemicals has installed a semi-commercial scale nine-layer blown film coextrusion line.

PE Film Market Analysis: Consumer Can Liners

Huge market still dominated by single-layer structures, which could change as use of PCR grows.

PE Film Market Analysis: Institutional Can Liners

Huge market still overwhelmingly dominated by monolayer structures.

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Extrusion is a continuous process through which parts of a fixed cross-sectional profile are made. Material is fed through a hopper into an extruder, essentially a rotating screw surrounded by a heated barrel, where it is mixed, melted and pumped through a die. The die gives the part its shape. From this zone you link to information on some of the more common extrusion methods, such as film, sheet, and pipe/profile/tubing

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» Blending & Dosing

Is dosing good enough? Do I need a Blender? Let Maguire walk you through the basics, process integration and more.


» Plastics Conveying

Watch video, download datasheets and more in the Plastics Conveying Knowledge Center.

» Plastics Feeding

Learn about continuous feeder types and their operation.

» Purging Compound

Sooner or later you will need to purge your machine. Which material should you use to purge your screw and barrel?

Product Announcements

AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT: Full Line Dedicated to Medical
Conair 6/1/2015
EXTRUSION: Screen Changers Furnished With High-Temp Seals
Nordson XALOY Incorporated 5/18/2015
CONTROLS & DRIVES: Slew of Control Packages For All Processors
Siemens Industry Inc., Solutions, Automation & Drive Technologies 5/18/2015
PURGING: Device Makes Purging Safer, Simpler
Dyna-Purge, Div. of Shuman Plastics, Inc. 4/28/2015
INJECTION MOLDING & EXTRUSION: Screw/Barrel Combo Fights Wear
Nordson XALOY Incorporated 4/28/2015

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