PT ZONE: Mold Maintenance

TOOLING: Designing Molds for Easy Maintenance in the Press, Part 1
Attention to design of cooling, ejection, and slides can save downtime and maintenance headaches. More (+)
Get the Wear Out
An effective way to extend mold life and ease mold warranties is to better manage mold cleaning techniques. More (+)


Eliminate Unexpected Production Delays
MoldMaking Technology

Basic rules for getting optimal results from an ultrasonic cleaning system.

The Hidden Value of a Spotting Press
MoldMaking Technology

As mold complexity increases, so, too, does the complexity of maintenance, which advances the role of spotting in mold validation.

Making Maintenance and Repair Work
MoldMaking Technology

The right technology, the right people and the right approach are essential to improving the way you maintain and repair molds.

Devices Test Hot Runner Components for Proper Functioning
MoldMaking Technology

ToolingDocs recently introduced two additional products designed to help streamline mold maintenance operations in the toolroom.

Mold Components Available with DLC Coating
MoldMaking Technology

Hasco offers diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings on a variety of its standard parts manufactured for injection molding, die casting, and blow and compression molding.

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Mold Maintenance


To keep a mold running it needs to be properly maintained and repaired. Essential processes include mold tryout, welding, cleaning and retrofitting.

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