Ci4000 Xenon Weather-Ometer®

The Ci4000 is approved by many OEMs in the automotive, paints and coatings, and plastics industries as the exclusive platform to deliver accurate, reproducible and repeatable results for predicting service life. · 6500 W water cooled xenon arc lamp system · Total exposure area of 6,500 cm2 · TFT full color touch screen control panel · Direct setting and control of irradiance · Direct setting and control of BPT/BST (Temperature range: BPT 40º to 110º C; BST 40º to 120º C) · Direct setting and control of relative humidity (precise humidity control: 10% RH to 75% RH in light cycles and up to 100% in dark cycles) · Direct setting and control of specimen and chamber air temperature · 14 factory pre-programmed test methods; space for 12 custom programs · Multi-language capability · SmartDamper™ to reduce test variability in chamber temperature and humidity and compensates for changes in ambient laboratory conditions · SmartLight Monitor™ to verify that the correct light capsule is installed · Xenon lamp cooling system to dramatically reduce the amount of cooling water used Specimen and rack spray · Filter combinations available for tailoring the spectral output of the xenon arc lamp · 3-tier specimen rack