Sekisui Plastics Starts Up New Hybrid Foam Molding Facility in Mexico

Sekisui Plastics continues to expand its business both in the U.S. and in Mexico.

Having opened up its new $5.2-million Kenton, Ohio manufacturing facility, which increased the company’s molding capacity by nearly 40% just a year ago, Sekisui Plastics USA, Mount Pleasant, Tenn., established Sekisui Plastics Mexico, S.A de C.V in the City of Valled de Santiago, along with the startup of a new $7-million, 61,000-sq.ft. manufacturing facility.

The new plant will initially produce products molded mainly from the company’s Piocelan moldable bead-foam resin—a hybrid of styrenic and olefin components for use in lightweight automotive energy-absorption parts, as well as packaging products for auto part shipment. It will also produce packaging material and systems for a variety of industrial and consumer applications. Initial molding capacity is about 132.277 lbs (60 m.t.) per month, with room for future expansion.

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