K Reporter’s Notebook Materials: Manifold Printed for Plastic Engine; Material Reclaimed from Airbags; High Heat Nylon Doesn’t Need Stabilizers

Several new materials are being launched and discussed a K 2016 Solvay, including some very interesting strides in additive manufacturing.

Several materials news are being launched and discussed a K 2016 by both Solvay Engineering Plastics and Solvay Specialty Chemicals, including some very interesting strides in additive manufacturing.


• Solvay Engineering Polymers showcased a 3D printed functional air intake manifold designed for the Polimotor 2 racing car project. It is produced with the company's Sinterline Technyl nylon 6 powder on an SLS machine.




The company was able to produce the part with a 30% weight reduction by applying Solvay's predictive simulation package, MMI Technyl Design, for the first time. That lightweighting contributed to the goal of designing this engine to weigh 138-148 lb, 90 lb less than the standard production engine today.


• Solvay Specialty Chemicals showcased the throttle body of the air intake manifold which was produced with a 60% carbon-filled KetaSpire KT-820 PEEK filament using Fused Filament Fabrication (FFS; aka. FDM).




Other news:


• Solvay Engineering Plastics:

Technyl 4Earth, a 100% post-industrial nylon 66 sourced from auto airbags, was showcased. This material is enabled by a patented technology, which can separate the nylon from the airbag's silicone. Solvay says the reclaimed material has properties that are equivalent to virgin nylon 66. I was shown an automotive oil filter made of the material, which also can be used for electronics and consumer products.


"Smart Molecule" heat performance technology Technyl REDx. This new high-heat performance nylon 66 is based on a patented materials technology that eliminates the need for heat stabilizers. Moreover, when heated, as in the charged air cooler part I saw, its properties are increased. Processability is touted to be akin to a typical nylon 66 with excellent flow. The material has temperature resistance of 220 C, approaching that of PPA (220-340 C) and surpassing standard nylon 66 at 190-200 C.


• Solvay Specialty Chemicals:

Ryton R4, 40% glass filled PPS is used in the injection molded internal components—an impeller and stator isolator—of the electric water pump of Polimotor 2m where it offers the required high thermal properties and chemical resistance.


Cyasorb Cynergy Solutions V Series stabilizers for TPOs are used in automotive where they are said to protect them against UV light, extreme temperatures and other environmental factors.