K Reporter’s Notebook, Materials: New PPAs; Styrenic-Based Thermoplastic Composites; and Additive Introductions

22. October 2016

BASF and DSM have introduced all new PPAs targeting automotive applications, while a modified SAN from INEOS is thought to be the first styrenic-based thermoplastic composite and Vertellus and Addivant introduce antioxidants and chain extenders, respectively.


BASF and DSM Launch New PPAs for Automotive Applications
BASF's new Ultramid Advanced N PPA, which is designed for complex and compact electronic assemblies, is used in parts for the RN30 concept car being showcased by BASF and Hyundai. It can also be used in structural parts near the engine and the gearbox.



DSM's new ForTii Ace, is its third-generation ForTii PPA. Positioned as a replacement for die-cast metals and costlier engineering resins like PEEK, the PPA’s target applications include power train, transmission, chassis, and thermal management components.



Styrenic-Based Thermoplastic Composites
The new StyLight composites INEOS Styrolution are believed to be the first styrenic-based thermoplastic composites available on the market, with mechanical properties that reportedly exceed nylon 6- and PC-based composites.



StyLight is based on a modified SAN and offered with both glass or carbon fiber fabrics for aesthetic/semi-structural and strictly structural applications for automotive, truck interior and exterior panels, seat structures, center consoles and more. The product is also suitable for applications in electronics, sports and healthcare.


StyLight grades are offered as semifinished goods or thermoplastic sheets, which are ready for processing via thermoforming and over molding. A video at the company’s exhibit shows the manufacturing process, with sample parts also on display. The company also offers the materials for back injection or over molding. Included in the launch are three glass-filled ABS/nylon 6 grades and one ABS grade.


Addivant and Vertellus Introduce New Additives
Addivant has launched a new generation hindered phenolic antioxidant for HBCD-free flame retarded EPS. Lowinox XPS 162 reportedly boasts 1.5 times better stabilization and 10 times less discoloration.



Also new is Lowinox Fast CL antioxidant, which is said to boost productivity of XLPE power cable producers while lowering cost. Ultranox 800 phosphite AO is said to provide high color and process stability with enhanced cost savings for PP compounds.


Vertellus launched three new ZeMac masterbatches: Extend L65 and L68, which are chain extenders and branching agents, respectively, that can work with everything from low relative viscosity nylon to branched high RV nylon with what’s said to be better thermal and mechanical performance than linear nylon RV. Extend P62, meanwhile is said to be the only product in the market able to smoothly compatibilize nylon and recycled PET to reduce material costs. 

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