PT ZONE: Mold Simulation

TOOLING: Updated CAD Software for Molds
Faster, easier to use software for designing molds. More (+)
Conference Presents Process Technologies for TP Composites in Automotive
In one session, learn about process simulation, rapid heat-cool molding, and continuous prepreg tape laying and rapid consolidation. More (+)


Could your RFQ process be jeopardized by a retirement?

The moldmaking industry has lately lamented its talent depletion by demographic shift, as aging toolmakers step away from their benches for the last time, primarily focusing on the shopfloor and steel-cutting implications, but what about the front office and quoting?

SOFTWARE: More accurate quotes, faster

Cost-estimating software is taking mold quoting from back-of-the-envelope guesswork to computer-generated model.

News in Molding Simulation at K 2013 Show

At October's K 2013, suppliers of injection molding simulation software displayed solutions addressing a number of hot topics, as well as technology to speed up handling of larger models and multiple iterations.

amerimold 2014 Open for Business

The event includes an exhibit hall, technical conference and production sourcing events.

Mold Simulation: Get Best Results With Good Materials Data

Want the best results from your flow analysis software? Of course you do. But you stand a better chance for success if you pay particular attention to the material data used by the software.

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Mold Simulation


Software simulation is a necessary tool that assists injection molders and moldmakers to optimize the design and process of molds and to better understand the injection molding process. Simulation software is designed to help reduce the need for prototypes, avoid potential manufacturing defects, and get innovative products to market faster.

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