PT ZONE: Mold Simulation

INJECTION MOLDING: Updated Mold Simulation Software
Conformal cooling, improved hot-runner simulation, MuCell foam, and more. More (+)
For Better Warpage Simulation, Consider the Whole Molding Process
Which way will it warp, and how much? To get an accurate prediction, you have to look at the whole mold and the whole process, over several cycles. More (+)


Hexagon Buys Vero Software

Vero is known for its Visi software suite, which includes integrated mold analysis.

INJECTION MOLDING: Mold Simulation Software Gains Speed and New Functionality

It's faster, easier to use, and supports more sophisticated modeling.

B&B Molders Sticks to Its Core— Core Values & Core Competencies

To compete in today’s market, you need good technology, but you also need to know what you stand for and what you’re good at.

INJECTION MOLDING: The Importance of Nominal Wall For Lightweighting Molded Parts

Establishing a nominal wall is one of the most important decisions an engineer makes when designing parts. Understanding how design changes will impact the manufacturing process is critical to ensure the part performs as expected.

FEA Software Predicts Material Response to Repeated Snap Fits

Improved finite-element modeling accounts for viscoelastic response to multiple stress-strain cycles.

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Mold Simulation


Software simulation is a necessary tool that assists injection molders and moldmakers to optimize the design and process of molds and to better understand the injection molding process. Simulation software is designed to help reduce the need for prototypes, avoid potential manufacturing defects, and get innovative products to market faster.

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