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The later in the process issues are addressed, the more expensive and less effective the project.

TZERO: Do you have a strategy for your injection molding simulation?

Would reducing time to market and waste eliminate headaches for you and your supply chain?

RJG’s TZERO™ program helps world-class companies cut the cost and time wasted on adjustments during a tool launch. Our unique TZERO approach provides a framework for collaboration between engineering and manufacturing in review of part design and simulating, educating, optimizing, and assessing the mold development process to avoid molding uncertainties.

Making changes down the line in the tool launch process is time-consuming and expensive. Our tools allow you to catch any necessary adjustments early, launch the tool using a documented scientific plan, and rely on more than just hope when launching the mold for the first time.

Our competitive advantage is our injection molding knowledge coupled with our global scale and depth of language proficiencies, allowing us to support you across the globe.

Company Profile

The Traverse City, MI training lab

For more than 30 years, RJG has been a recognized international leader in injection molding training, technology, and resources. RJG’s experience with the implementation and use of cavity pressure sensors began in 1968, when their founder helped develop the first in-mold cavity pressure sensor. Today, cavity pressure is the measurement that most accurately predicts part quality. RJG continues to grow their technology into advanced user-friendly, intuitive tools, such as the CoPilot and The Hub.

RJG's award-winning training programs have become a global standard in the injection molding industry. Their skilled, experienced trainers provide an in-depth, hands-on learning experience unique to RJG. A combination of classroom style and hands-on machine time provides the key to transferring knowledge learned in the classroom to the shop floor. RJG is the North American market leader in their business, bringing together the tools injection molders need to remain competitive in today’s market.

Product Categories of RJG, Inc.

  • Closed-loop Process Control Systems
  • Consultants--Design, Manufacturing, Purchasing
  • Flow Monitoring/Control Devices (for Liquids)
  • Machine Monitoring/Alarm Systems
  • Motion or Position Controls
  • Pressure Controllers, Monitors
  • Pressure Sensors, Transducers
  • Recording Instruments
  • Scheduling, MRP, Production and Inventory Management Systems
  • Sequence Logic Controls
  • SPC, SQC Systems
  • Training Programs in Plastics
  • Troubleshooting, Problem Solving Systems

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