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Stratasys, Inc.

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  • Expanded NPE3D Pavilion Announced By SPI

    Eighteen companies are already planning to exhibit in the newly-expanded NPE3D pavillion at NPE2015.

  • How Currier Puts the ‘Custom’ In Custom Blow Molding

    The three key ingredients are responsiveness, full-service product development, and control over both the bottle and the cap.

  • Additive Manufacturing Machinery 'Giants' Broaden Scope Through Acquisitions

    Stratasys and 3D Systems are evolving into all-encompassing providers in the additive manufacturing business arena.

  • Additive Manufacturing: Materials for ‘Real-World’ Parts

    Developments in materials have helped pave the way for processors to make ‘real world’ parts from what is collectively known as 3D printing. Here’s a comprehensive review of the materials available.

  • AUXILIARIES: 3D Printer for Industrial-Scale Prototypes

    A large-format, inkjet-type 3D printer for large industrial prototypes has been launched by Stratasys Ltd., Eden Prairie, Minn.

  • Molders Go ‘Rapid’ for Prototyping and Manufacturing

    Three forward-thinking custom molders have taken steps to streamline their manufacturing, expand new product development, and add to their customer base—and all in a more cost-effective manner than ever before.

  • MATERIALS: Black Ultem PEI for Durable FDM Parts

    WEB EXCLUSIVE: Stratasys, Eden Prairie, Minn., has introduced black Ultem 9085 for direct digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping by users of its Fortus 900mc or 400mc 3D Production Systems, which are based on the company’s patented FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology.   Previously only available in tan color for FDM parts, Ultem 9085 polyetherimide (PEI) from SABIC Innovative Plastics, Pittsfield, Mass., is said to offer high strength, heat and chemical resistance, and excellent FST (flame, smoke, and toxicity) rating, particularly important to the automotive and aerospace industries.

  • Molder Takes 3D Printing In-House to Speed Product Development

    “Bringing this function in-house is very much in keeping with the way our company conducts its business.

  • NASA's 'Mars Rover' Has Many 3D Printed Parts

    A Fortus 3D printer from Stratasys, Inc., Eden Prairie, Minn., was used by NASA to help build a next-generation rover capable of supporting two humans on near-earth asteroids and Mars.

  • Two major announcements in 3D printing involve a merger between two suppliers and a new system that makes rapid prototyping more affordable and easier than ever.

  • 3D Digitally 'Printed' Plane Flies Solo

    Last summer, the world’s first unmanned air vehicle (UAV) whose entire structure was produced by laser sintering of nylon, was flown by engineers at the University of Southampton, England.

  • MATERIALS: Static-Dissipative ABS for Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing

    WEB EXCLUSIVE: A new static-dissipative ABS for fused deposition modeling (FDM) is available from Stratasys, Inc., Eden Prairie, Minn.

  • On-Site: Green Business Is Good Business for Fabri-Kal

    "We tend to jump on things early," says John Kittredge. "F-K has been a pioneer in a number of things. Our earliest example was converting HDPE margarine tubs to ABS. After that we were a leader in thermoforming polypropylene, and then APET." Now it's PLA biopolymer.

  • Additive Manufacturing: New Capabilities for Rapid Prototypes And Production Parts

    Many plastics processors are just starting to become familiar with the terms “additive manufacturing” or “additive fabrication,” which refer to a group of processes that build up parts by successively adding material, often in layers.

  • New material options for FDM (fused-deposition modeling) rapid prototyping and direct digital manufacturing systems are available from Stratasys, Inc., Minneapolis.

  • WEB EXCLUSIVE New material options for FDM (fused-deposition modeling) rapid-prototyping and direct digital manufacturing systems are available from Stratasys, Inc., Minneapolis.

  • Blow Molders and Thermoformers Try Plastic Rapid Tooling

    Rapid prototyping (RP) equipment is increasingly being used to manufacture prototype and short-run production molds for blow molded and thermoformed parts.

  • Larger, Faster and More Accurate FDM Unit

    As additive fabrication systems move from rapid prototyping into direct digital manufacturing, there is a need for greater build-size capability, speed, and accuracy.

  • Biocompatible ABS for Medical Rapid Fabrication

    A new ABS rapid-prototyping and production material is designed for surgical instruments and medical, food, and pharmaceutical processing applications.

  • Improved Resin and Software For Rapid Prototyping

    An new FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) rapid-prototyping and rapid-manufacturing system from Stratasys, Minneapolis, reportedly builds significantly better parts than previous entry-level FDM systems in terms of both strength and feature detail.

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