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  • A New Look at Evaluating Fill Times For Injection Molding

    One of the important process parameters to establish and record for any injection molded part is its injection or fill time. Research research reveals the limitations of popularly taught methods of establishing this critical parameter.

  • High-Flow PEEK Makes Small, Intricate Pipette Tips

    WEB EXCLUSIVE: An unfilled grade of Victrex 90 Series high-flow PEEK from Victrex USA was used to mold small medical pipette tips.

  • TOOLING AT NPE: Hot Runners & Coinjection Grab Spotlight

    Tooling innovations at NPE focused primarily on multi-cavity closure and medical applications, though there was also a substantial emphasis on large automotive and appliance parts.

  • ‘How Will It Mold?’ Brand-New Test Method Relates Material, Mold & Machine

    It's the first material characterization method developed specifically for evaluating the injection moldability of a plastic melt.

  • New Way to Characterize Moldability Of Resins & Part/Tool Designs

    Experienced injection molders have long known that a resin’s melt flow index (MFI), measured under very low-shear conditions, provides very little information about how it will process under many orders of magnitude higher shear in an actual mold.

  • Why Multi-Cavity Molds Fill Unevenly

    Balanced filling is critical for making identical parts, achieving high CPKs, holding tight tolerances, and getting “good” data from design of experiments.

  • Balanced Filling Is Critical for Holding Molding Tolerances

    Processors face a multitude of challenges whenever they approach an injection molding machine.

  • Incoe & Beaumont to Represent Each Other

    Incoe Corp., Troy, Mich., and Beaumont Technologies, Inc. (BTI), Erie, Pa., have agreed to allow each to sell the other’s products.

  • New Service Verifies Flow-Simulation Predictions

    An economical approach to verifying that computer-aided flow simulation will give an accurate molding prediction with your particular resin is offered as a new service from Beaumont Technologies, Inc., Erie, Pa.

  • Beaumont Technologies, Inc., Erie, Pa., is now introducing its In-Mold Adjustable Rheological Control (iMARC) mold inserts for commercial sale.

  • Unbalanced? No Shortage of Ways to Fix Uneven Filling of Multi-Cavity Molds

    The accepted ground rule for balancing melt flow in multi-cavity injection molds is to achieve equal flow distance from the injection point to each cavity.

  • A new line of presses for TPE or rubber is said to trim cure times by up to 50%. New TurboCure presses from Rep Corp., Bartlett, Ill., feature meltflow enhancements in the injection unit and the mold.

  • Several new multi-cavity mold configurations and new graphics mark the latest version of the "5 Step Process" software for mold-balance analysis and filling diagnostics.

  • Get Control Of Flow in the Mold

    A novel technology allows injection molders to alter the flow pattern inside the cavity and balance the filling of multiple cavities by means of an external mold adjustment while the tool remains in the press. In this exclusive article, the system's inventor explains how it works.

  • In-Mold Rheological Control

  • "In-Mold Adjustable Rheological Control," or iMARC, is a new tooling concept that provides an externally adjustable means of varying how melt flows in a cavity without in any way restricting the flow (unlike valve gates, for example). Now in beta testing, iMARC is a further development of the Melt Flipper technology from Beaumont Technologies, Inc., Erie, Pa.

  • New version 1.2 of "5 Step Process" mold-debugging software from Beaumont Technologies Inc., Erie, Pa., incorporates new graphics and adds 12 new multi-cavity mold configurations.

  • New Runner-Design Concept Boosts Quality And Productivity

  • What to Do When the Mold Just Won't Fill Right

    What should have been a routine injection molding job was plagued with problems right from the start.

  • NPE 2003 News Wrap-Up: Hot Runners

    From complete hot halves to individual nozzles, a host of new products promise smaller gate vestiges, less maintenance, better temperature control, and lower cost.

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