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About the Authors: Hanson and Johnson

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Dana R. Hanson is the president of Processing Technologies, International, LLC (PTi), Aurora, Ill. He is one of the original co-founders of PTi and has been active in this role since the Company’s inception in 1988. He possesses over 25 years of plastics industry and engineering related experience. Contact:  (630) 585-5800; email: dhanson@ptiextruders.com; website: ptiextruders.com.

James E. Johnson is PTi’s senior v.p., of application and technology. Johnson’s responsibilities include overseeing new developments and applications to facilitate the company’s growth. He has held wide-ranging responsibilities during his nearly 50 years in the plastics industry and has been a key contributor the last eight years with PTi. Email: jjohnson@ptiextruders.com.