APS Compounding to increase production capacity by 30%

Obtaining additional partners is enabling APS Compounding to integrate new technologies.

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APS CompoundingRomulusMich.  says that it has exceeded production goals and is on track to increase production capacity in 2015 by 30% to meet the demands of the growing TPE market. APS Compounding, part of APS Elastomers, is a fully equipped compounding resource offering R&D testing and solutions for injection molding, overmolding, blow molding and extrusion.

Tony Zheng and Harry Zheng joined the company less than a year ago. Tony had served as a process chemist at Johns Manville’s fiberglass research and manufacturing division, as well as polyurethane product development at BASF before starting his own specialty polymer research and manufacturing firm, BHK Specialty Polymer (Toledo, Ohio). Harry Zheng is the founder of BHK Technologies in Beijing, China, a short and long fiber reinforced engineered plastics compounder.

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Karen Thomas, spokesperson for APS, told Plastics Technology that the company obtained additional partners due to the increasing demand for TPE. She said that the growing TPE market combined with Tony and Harry’s chemical and manufacturing expertise, is enabling APS Compounding to integrate new technologies. In addition, an increased demand of consumer goods, transportation, sporting goods, packaging and health care applications as well as reshoring is also helping to drive growth for the company.

 “Our firms chemical and manufacturing expertise enables us to increase production   standard and custom grades, and develop new product offerings; further advancing our commitment to the TPE market,” said Roger Huarng, principal at APS Compounding.

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