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AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT: Batch Software for Offline Mixing with Blenders

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Ensures that the system blends at the fastest rate possible for any given materials.

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Plastrac, Inc. will unveil the batch system software for off-line mixing with all its GA series blending systems at K 2016 (Oct. 19-26; Hall 13, Stand B91-33). The company says the software can be used to enter preset batch quantities for blending into barrels or gaylords, as well as for batches as small as 0.5 lb.

The software estimates blending completion time and continuously displays time to finish. Plastrac notes that it will also protect the batch in the event of power spikes or failures. A battery backup further ensures that the system continues were it left off, and operators can manually cancel batch blending at any time.

Plastrac, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, designs and manufacturers disc-based gravimetric and volumetric blending equipment and material loaders for all plastics processing. 


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