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Carolina Color Gets Patent for Versatile New Technology

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The G3 color pellet technology is  further upgrade from the company’s popular G2 technology.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently issued a patent to Carolina Color Corp., Salisbury, N.C., for the company’s G3 color pellet technology—a further upgrade from its popular G2 technology. The G3 technology reportedly has proven effective in diverse applications such as packaging, housewares, and lawn & garden. Among its key attributes are said to be versatility in just about any resin system and ability to achieve 20% or more increased pigment loading levels in PE and PP without compromising dispersion. It has also been shown to enable formulations with 40-45% loading of dyes in HIPS, PET, nylon, crystal PS and acrylic. Also claimed are formulations with 50% or more pearlescent pigment, versus the former industry standard of 30%.


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