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3/24/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

Chinaplas 2014 Goes Bigger, Greener

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Giant plastics show will emphasize sustainability in various forms.

Like many things in its host city of Shanghai, Chinaplas is of a scale only fully appreciated in person. The annual show, which rotates between Shanghai and Guangzhou, will more than fill the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from April 23 to 26. Laid out in a triangle, the three wings of the expo center have 17 halls, which are full enough that show organizer Adsale has created an additional 13 temporary exhibits in the expansive interior courtyard created by the three legs of the fairground’s triangular shape. The result is approximately 3000 exhibitors spread over 2.4 million ft2.

Chinaplas 2014, under the theme of “Greenovation–Solution to Sustainability,” also will feature two co-located events promoting sustainability: “The City of Tomorrow” and “Green Conference.” “The City of Tomorrow” will be housed at Central  Square of the exhibition center and will run the length of the fair, with Bayer MaterialScience as the exclusive sponsor and the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) as the sustainability partner. Topics covered will include “green” and alternative raw materials, energy-efficient machinery, plastics and rubber applications, and recycling.

The Green Conference is a two-day event hosted by Adsale in Hong Kong, Plastics Information Europe (PIE), and the global Association of Green Molding Solutions (AGMS). Taking place on the second and third days of the fair, its sessions (9:30-12:30) include “Innovative Solutions for Plastic Recycling” and “Green Molding to Halve the Cost and Double the Wealth.”


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