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Falcon Plastics Purchases Three All-Electric Toshiba Machines

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South Dakota molder placed order after booth visit during NPE2015.

Custom molder Falcon Plastics, Brookings, S.D. has purchased three new ECSX all-electric injection molding systems ranging from 110 to 200 tons from Toshiba Machine Elk Grove Village, Ill.. That increases Falcon’s injection molding capacity to 93 machines, of which 78 are Toshiba.

“With Toshiba, we get faster cycling and better quality parts,” said Jay Bender, president of Falcon. The three new all-electrics will replace seven older models, enabling Falcon to get the same production capacity with fewer machines.

With four plants in the U.S. and another in China, Falcon molds parts ranging from the simple to more complex for the electronics, medical, automotive, agricultural and construction markets. They have also taken a leadership role in helping manufacturers flesh out new product ideas, creating an Entrepreneurial Division dedicated specifically to their efforts.

The three new machines will be used for high volume production at Falcon’s molding facility in Lexington, Tenn., enabling them to take full advantage of the enhanced features built into ECSX all-electrics. “With the longevity of their machines, fast cutting cycles, high quality and easy to use controllers, it’s really hard to walk away from Toshiba,” said Bender.


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