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Illig Expands U.S. Presence

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Adds space in Midwest plant for spare parts, training and a showroom.

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Thermoforming machine builder Illig will be expanding its sales and service facility in the U.S. The Heilbronn, Germany firm announced its Illig USA LP subsidiary will be expanding its operation in Indianapolis, Ind., which was just opened April 1, by  more than 1600 ft² to accomodate office space and spare parts. With the extra space, Illig will also add a showroom and expand its customer-training area. The facility will serve thermoformers across the U.S. and Canada.

Illig has had a U.S. presence for more than 40 years. Its Midwest sales representative Midwest Plastic Systems L.L.C., is also based in Indianapolis. Illig reports strong demand for high-performance thermoformers for cups.


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