Kuraray to Boost EVOH Production in the U.S

Growing demand for Eval EVOH has prompted plans for capacity increases.

Japan’s Kuraray Co., Ltd., is moving ahead with plans to boost production capacity of its Eval ethylene viny alcohol copolymer (EVOH) within its subsidiary Houston-based Kuraray America, Inc. Capacity at the company’s plant in Pasadena, Texas will be increased by about 24.3 million lb/yr with planned operations to commence in the summer of 2018.

Kuraray’s Eval product line reportedly consists of the widest range of EVOH resins and films worldwide. With global demand forecasted to increase at a 6-7% annual rate, this capacity increase is expected to solidify the company’s leading position in the production of EVOH and barrier materials. The superior gas barrier properties of Eval have made it key in many applications including food packaging as well as agricultural and industrial applications. The company is now developing new industrial applications such as soil pollution prevention liners and new agricultural applications such as impermeable fumigation films.

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