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Meusburger Adds Hot Runner Nozzles

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Meusburger now offers hot-runner nozzles from its PSG subsidiary.

Austrian mold-components supplier Meusburger (U.S. office in Charlotte, N.C.) now offers the Plastic Service Group’s (PSG) smartFill single hot-runner nozzles. PSG was acquired by Meusburger in 2016 and continues to operate as a separate unit with an extensive line of hot-runner systems and controls (psg-online.de; U.S.representative is Thermal-Tech Systems,  Inc., W. Chicago, Ill.; thermal-tech.com).

At Meusburger’s website, molders can use the online hot-runner nozzle configurator to select the appropriate nozzle and tip type. CAD data of the configured nozzle—including installation spaces—are immediately available for download.


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