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9/11/2009 | 1 MINUTE READ

MINICOLOR G: Gravimetric Additive Feeder offers blending accuracy within 0.01%

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The compact gravimetric dosing/blending unit for the addition of masterbatch/additive in granular form is suitable for use on injection molding/blow molding machines and extruders; it is insensitive to vibrations and specially designed for mounting directly onto the feed throat of the processing machine ensuing masterbatch savings of up to 50 %. The masterbatch storage bins can be removed together with the associated dosing screw allowing for a very fast color change and easier cleaning. The proven gravity mixing technique guarantees a homogeneous material mix and eliminates separation which could occur with mechanical mixing. The speed of the dosing screw is continuously monitored and automatically adjusted to the dosing throughput resulting in maximum repeatability. The dosing station for masterbatch or additive sits on a robust but extremely precise load cell and operates using loss-in-weight metering technology. Permanent weighing offers operational security for high level requirements. Manual calibration which is necessary with volumetric units is carried out automatically with the MINICOLOR G. With the GRAVInet control the complete dosing process is documented ensuring easy traceability. On the touch screen with color graphic display the different operating states can easily be monitored and traced, and the Ethernet connection provides full network possibilities for the systems. With the separate microprocessor control in standard S version for one dosing station, hopper loaders can be connected and up to 10 recipes stored. Color or additives are simply entered as percentages. Using the advanced A control version, up to two dosing heads can be controlled. Up to 50 recipes and cumulated material throughput data can be archived and documented which is a very important feature, particularly for ISO-certified companies. The MINICOLOR G is the low cost and reliable solution for dosing and blending of a broad range of plastics materials. Corrosion-free materials and the proven and tested solid design guarantee a long service life and trouble-free application of the units.