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1/4/2012 | 1 MINUTE READ

New Acetals Star in Gears, Pipes & Hoses

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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Ticona Engineering Polymers, Florence, Ky., recently showed off new applications for two of its newest Hostaform acetal copolymers. Both were first announced at the K 2010 show in Germany.
At Gear Expo 2011 in Cincinnati, Ticona highlighted the advantages of its new Hostaform HS15 in gears. Described as the first of a new family of next-generation, impact-resistant, modified copolymers, it features “unmatched performance in gears of any unfilled acetal,” including high stiffness, outstanding notched Charpy impact (14 kJ/m2), excellent weld-line strength, and good chemical resistance.
Much higher impact—100 kJ/m2—is exhibited by new Hostaform XT20, an extension of the Hostaform S line of modified acetals that is said to outperform all other toughened acetals and to compete in applications previously exclusive to impact-resistant, modified nylon 11 and 12. It reportedly “sets a new benchmark for cold impact resistance and weld-line strength.” Novoplast Schulchtechnik GmbH in Halberstadt, Germany, is using XT20 to extrude technical pipes and hoses (photo) that require high burst strength and low-temperature toughness (15 kJ/m2 at -30 C). Applications include sleeves for automotive hand-brake cables and elastic shafts of seat adjusters or sunroofs. Novoplast technical director Fred Liebzeit says processability of XT20 was improved by the new modification so that no special equipment was required in the extrusion line.