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New Approach to PET Containers With Integral Handles Commercialized

Special preform has integral injection molded handle.


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Pretium Packaging, Chesterfield, Mo., has launched a 64-oz stock PET bottle with a 38-400 finish and integrated handle. Paul Kayser, Pretium’s president and CEO, says, “There have been a variety of attempts over the years to develop handled PET containers, but most have fallen short of the mark. This new technology creates all sorts of possibilities for products—includ- ing beverages, foods, and household and industrial chemicals—that could benefit from a monolayer container with an ergonomic handleware solution.”

The SureHandle container combines preform technology developed by Practically Impos- sible Labs, Houston and Pretium’s injection and blow molding expertise. The key is the novel preform, which has a handle molded onto the side wall. Practically Impossible Labs says its technology is compatible with one- step or two-step PET stretch-blow molding processes. Pretium used a two-step (reheat) method, in which the preform with integrated handle is loaded in the same manner as a conventional preform. Proprietary modifications have been made to the standard blowing cavities to accept and position the handle. No secondary operation is required after blowing. Special ovens were also required for preform heating.

Pretium will mold the preforms and bottles at Walterboro, S.C., using Husky injection molding and Sidel reheat stretch-blow molding equipment. The bottle is designed for hot filling at up to 120 F, and boasts enhanced topload capability as well.