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NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Purging Compounds

Look for more versatile and improved efficiency purging compounds.


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Asaclean/Sun Plastech  (W3283) is featuring its new UF2 purging compound said to be ideal for blown and cast film extrusion, as well as injection molding. Like other Asaclean grades, UF2 is said to enable faster changeovers, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings. It can be purged through a die, effectively removes gels and color and carbon contamination that is not carbonized and has excellent compatibility with PE. It’s recommended for color and changes, hot runner cleaning and shutdown/sealing. As it does not work by chemical reaction, there is no soak time or hold-up time.

Asaclean is also emphasizing its N-Series of chemical purging compounds from its 2015 acquisition of Novachem: NCR Grade (formerly Supernova Regular), a versatile, high performance chemical purging compound well suited for color and material changes for thermoplastic injection molding and extrusion machines;  NCT Grade (formerly Supernova HT), a chemical purging compound for high-temperature resins such as Ultem, PEEK and LCPs that can process at temperatures as high as 750°F; NCF Grade (formerly Supernova FD), a high-performance chemical purging compound well suited for color and material changes for thermoplastic film systems, including both flexible and rigid PVCs; and, NCH Grade (formerly Hybrid 400), a high performance compound said to offer the benefits of both mechanical and chemical purging agents and suited for color and material changes for thermoplastic extrusion and extrusion blow molding machines.

Shuman Plastics (W2762) is launching its new Dyna-Purge F2, described as a “breakthrough technology” with proprietary agents formulated to flow naturally through a variety of processing equipment including injection and extrusion applications. The low-residue purging agent features one component formulated to flow to the boundary layer, flushing out the resin. Another component acts as a pressurizing agent, allowing the purge to reach stagnation points.

This dual-action cleaning removes material and impurities from the screw and barrel, as well as tool and die. With a temperature range of 320-625°F, it is reportedly effective at purging virtually all resins with reliable results. This safe, non-hazardous and FDA-compliant compound is said to be ideal for purging hot runners and other channels with tight clearances.

iD Additives Inc. (S28084) is showcasing two new single-dose purge compounds that come in individual packets—expanding its original QuickShots liquid in pouch product line. These compounds allow operators to purge their machinery by simply dropping the packets into the feed throat/hopper of their machine and work with all resin types on all plastics machinery processes. New QuickShots HD (heavy duty) has glass prills mixed in for extra cleaning strength, and SP (pellets in a pouch) includes an extra small ½ oz. version, ideal for lab lines and small runs