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Orient PVC Pipe Without Water

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Spanish pipe maker Molecor Tecnologia will be displaying at NPE 2012 in Orlando, Fla., a new method to orient PVC pipe that is somewhat akin to film-orientation technology. Unlike current PVC pipe-orientation systems, Molecor’s patented system uses no water. In a three-step process, the system uses air convection to heat the pipe; compressed air to expand it; and chilled air to cool it. All of this is accomplished in a separate chamber after the pipe has been extruded and cut.

The stretching is done on the whole section of the pipe at the same time, including the socket, to ensure the best performance. Orientation improves the pipe’s mechanical properties and also results in less material consumption. Based in Madrid, Molecor developed the process for its own pipe-making operations, which range from 4-in. to 30-in. diam. for pressures up to 365 psi. It is now offering to license this technology and equipment to other PVC pipe makers around the world. The system can be used in-line with extrusion or in batches.
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