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5/10/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Pallmann Presents Pathway to Powder

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At the company's booth, the theme is 'Pathway to Powder,' which showcases how Pallmann works within the framework of its new parent company. 

NPE2018 Exhibitor

Pallmann Industries, Inc.

Booth: W963

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Pallmann Industries (Booth W963) is now part of the Hartmut Pallmann Group (HPG), a new business formed by CEO Hartmut Pallmann. “The big theme of our booth is ‘Pathway To Powder’ so you can take anything and make it smaller and powder by the end,” says Rolf Gren, senior executive vice president for the Pallmann Group.

At the booth, Pallmann is showcasing its PLMW Turbo-Finer, which is a high-capacity size reduction machine for the production of the finest powders from soft- to medium-hard materials. The operating principle of the machine is based on the size reduction of the material in a high-turbulent air flow by micro whirls. The product to be reduced in size is metered into the Turbofiner, pre-dispersed in the air stream and evenly distributed at the circumference of the pre-size reduction zone. The material flows though the vertical grinding chamber of the Turbofiner spirally from below to above, passing several whirl zones with increasing intensity of the air whirls. The material is reduced in size by impact onto the grinding path and by mutual impact of the particles in the micro whirls, occurring behind the beater plates of the turbo rotor operating at high speed.

In addition, for the size reduction of rubber bales, whether natural or synthetic rubber, Pallmann presents the Ultra-Granulators type C. Pallmann has designed special guillotine rotors in an open design, without a traversing shaft and with a high-momentum flywheel. This design allows a low friction and gentle size reduction. In addition, a patented in-feed chute with shuttle flaps guarantees guided material feeding and a dosed material intake.

The company is also presenting plastic pulverizing and agglomeration technologies.

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