Let's Talk About the Environment

PLASTICS introduces This Is Plastics, an informational campaign designed to empower plastics employees with resources to answer consumer questions.  


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The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) is taking NPE2018 to introduce This Is Plastics, an online resource designed to arm plastics-industry employees with information and talking points to answer consumer questions and correct mistaken beliefs they may have about the material.

Many consumers take for granted—or are simply unaware of—the array of benefits plastics offer. All too often, those in the industry are left wondering what to say when conversation with family or friends turns to important but complicated topics—like plastic marine litter and recycling.

This Is Plastics (ThisIsPlastics.com) is a feature-rich resource designed to frame that conversation with facts. Articles, infographics and interactive quizzes highlight five key topics—Plastics 101, Environment, Safety, Innovation, and Economic Impact.

On the Environmental front? While most Americans are aware that recycling has a positive impact on the environment, they may be unaware that PLASTICS has been working with manufacturers to reduce the amount of plastic that gets wasted.

“We help educate about recycling and partner with recycling organizations to do our part to fund initiatives that are consumer-focused,” says Mia Quinn, vice president of communications for PLASTICS.

Some of these partner organizations include the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, the Recycling Partnership, and Keep America Beautiful. “We collaborate with (these) organizations to fight pollution and to make recycling easier and more available.” The industry can read all about these initiatives on the This Is Plastics website.

PLASTICS has also created the Zero Net Waste (ZNW) program to keep as much plastic as possible out of landfills. To receive ZNW honors, a company must reuse or recycle all materials generated during the manufacturing process. It cannot send any by-products to landfills. “Through this program,” Quinn says, “PLASTICS hopes to drive the industry toward waste reduction and maximum recovery of resources, consistent with the sustainable materials management model being embraced by leaders and regulatory agencies around the globe.”

Moreover, PLASTICS has created Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) in conjunction with the American Chemistry Council. Quinn states, “OCS was created with the goal to help every plastic handling operation contain pellet, flake, and powder loss.” These waste materials can travel to the ocean through rivers and estuaries, harming the birds and marine animals that mistake them for food. “That’s why the industry is behind zero pellet, flake, and powder loss.”

The plastics manufacturing process, in general, has a smaller carbon footprint than does other, competing manufacturing processes, such as glass manufacture. Even so, PLASTICS has recognized the need to make the plastic industry as green as possible and is now doing its best to share that information with the industry. Visit ThisIsPlastics.com to check out the online toolkit and arm yourself and your team with pride in the industry you serve.



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