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PTi Breaks Ground on Major Expansion

$10 million investment Illinois HQ to meet growing North American demand for sheet.


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Processing Technologies International (PTi), a leading global manufacturer of high-performance sheet extrusion machinery, broke ground August 5 for a $10 million plant expansion at its Aurora, Ill. headquarters. The expansion is in response to growing demand for sheet extrusion equipment, according to PTi.

The company will increase overall plant capacity by 50% by adding 40,000 ft2 of primary manufacturing and office space and up to 40 new jobs. “Our business has hit record levels the last several years and our products are being well received throughout the packaging markets in North America,” says Dana Hanson, PTi president. “We are planning for a sustained period of growth that will require expanded manufacturing resources.”

However, projected growth is not the only reason for change. The modification of PTi’s current footprint brings with it an expanded Technology Development Center with emphasis on the customer experience, offering a view of the machinery and technology development from an expanded and improved vantage point. The new space is expected to be fully operational by November 2016.  

Hanson attributed the growth to an increase in market share and expansion into new markets including “dryer-less” PET systems. Hanson also noted that customers are retiring older equipment for higher capacity efficient systems. Other positive macro-economic factors include capital equipment purchase incentives, low interest rates, and accelerated depreciation benefits.

The new space will feature a dedicated feed screw testing and development center along with an expansion of the current “dryer-less” twin-screw sheet extrusion demonstration center. The expansion will also include crane runways for primary assembly, production offices, new inventory and parts management space, and a multi-purpose employee space. PTi also expects to partner with OEMs and a range of thermoforming machine suppliers who would house machinery at the expanded facility.

PTi currently occupies 60,000 ft2 of manufacturing space and employs 80+ people. The expansion will take its operation to 100,000 ft2 and over 120 employees. Most of the new hiring will be for mechanics, electricians, and general production personnel.