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Bosch Rexroth Takes ‘Tech Tips’ to Social Media

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Do engineers in plastics and other manufacturing sites use social media for business? Bosch Rexroth thinks so. The Charlotte, N.C., supplier of hydraulics, pneumatics, and electric drives and controls, has taken to social media to connect its engineers with users of its technology. Last June, Bosch Rexroth launched Tech Tip Tuesdays via Facebook and Twitter. Each Tuesday, a new technical tip is posted to the company’s social media networks. The tips cover topics such as mechanical and electrical engineering, wind energy, retrofits, maintenance, hydraulics, drives, controls, and linear motion.

Using the hashtag identifier #Rexroth TTT, this program creates opportunities for customers and others to submit their own tips, ask questions, and exchange ideas. You can join the conversation at www.facebook.com/BoschRexrothUS and at www.twitter.com/boschrexrothus.


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