Five New Developments in Plastics Drying

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While Industry 4.0 has gotten a lot of buzz, there are even more advancements helping plastics processors to increase quality and become more efficient. These five short videos provide a snapshot of what’s going on in plastics resin drying technology.


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While the buzz at last year’s NPE was all about Industry 4.0 and IIoT, there is also a lot going on to enable the drying process itself—as well as the plastics processes it serves—to become more efficient and produce higher quality output. Here are five of the top drying product developments in both categories from Novatec.

  1. Press-Side Dryer and Mold Temp Controller on a Single Base
  2. Automatic Moisture Control for Press Side Dryers
  3. Oxygen-Free Drying Without the Need for Supplemental Nitrogen
  4. Predictive Dryer Maintenance Monitors Process and Machine
  5. Digital Dryer Monitoring with Predictive Maintenance

Get a snapshot of this technology in this short video series. WATCH HERE.