Split-A-Part Design Makes Plastics Shredders Easier, Safer to Maintain

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When a plastics shredder needs maintenance or cleaning, conventional machine designs require climbing into the feed hopper, which is time consuming and potentially dangerous. This Split-A-Part design literally splits apart, making it easier, safer, and hassle-free.


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Sooner or later a shredder is going to need maintenance, and it may more frequently require cleanout, particularly if you need to separate different scrap materials from one another. With a conventional machine design, that literally means climbing into the feed hopper to accomplish these tasks, which is time consuming and potentially dangerous.

With Republic Machine’s “Split-A-Part” design, however, the entire power frame assembly splits apart horizontally from the feed assembly frame. This gives the operator or maintenance personnel unencumbered access to the rotor as well as other internal machine components.

Without this feature, a maintenance tech must literally crawl down into the chassis of the unit–which is unsafe, and often requires special confined space training, equipment and precautions…READ MORE.