Hidden Heroes Are Due Recognition

Take the time to nominate someone in your company.

We know you’re out there. Maybe you’re the owner of a plastics processing concern. Maybe the vice president of engineering. Or plant manager. Or shift supervisor. Or machine operator. We know you’re out there, and we want to celebrate you and honor what you did to improve some aspect of your company’s processing operation.

� Allow me to introduce you to Plastics Technology’s Hidden Heroes of
Plastics Processing (or Hidden Heroes for short). Our aim is to identify
and salute the teams and individuals who have helped advance and
maintain the competitiveness of North American plastics processing. You have toiled in obscurity too long.

We need your help to make this possible. Please click here to nominate people from your company, or companies you work with, who have done an outstanding job—worthy of industry recognition—in any of the following categories:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity of a plastics manufacturing process, department, or facility.
  • Reduced scrap and waste in plastics product manufacturing.
  • Saved energy and/or raw materials in plastics processing.
  • Reduced total cost of manufacturing plastics products.
  • Improved quality in plastics processing, resulting in fewer rejects and/or superior product life or performance.

Maybe there are some other categories that we have not thought of. Feel free to let me know.

I’ll need a brief description of the nominee’s achievement in one or more the above categories. Be sure to include enough detail to show what qualifies the nominee as a Hidden Hero.

We will review the submissions and select the cream of the crop to be honored at the next NPE show, April 1-5 in Orlando, Fla. We’ll dedicate a wall of our booth to the Hidden Heroes, complete with their picture, their company name, and a description of their particular accomplishment. After the show, we’ll post the Heroes our our website.

Our industry has undergone a massive upheaval. The processors who remain have done extraordinary things during extremely difficult times to stay afloat. We’ve made it a habit of featuring these companies in the pages of this magazine and on our website. Now that business conditions are improving, they will reap the benefits of their innovations.

Hidden Heroes of Plastics Processing: Hide no more.