Clean and Protect Your Rusty Molds, Cooling Passages, and Other Products While Saving Time and Money

February 27

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A new rust removal and preventative product called iD Eco-Pro 360 provides your shop with a fast, safe and eco-friendly rust removal method for injection molds, blown film dies, and other products. iD Eco-Pro 360 is a water-based, environmentally safe, EPA tested and verified product that provides fast and highly effective rust removal, as well as long term protection. The product is non-hazardous, non-aerosol, and non-flammable and is reusable for even greater savings. 

Primary Topics: 
- How to remove flash rust, and white rust safely 
- How to utilize this new product for maximum cost savings 
- How to capture and re-use the cleaning fluid 
- How to use this product to clean cooling passages and other products 

Presenter: Bryan Whitaker 
Bryan Whitaker is an Account Representative of iD Additives, Inc. of La Grange, IL, a manufacturer of additives for the plastics industry. He started his career in the plastics industry in 2018, after working in the logistics industry for six years as an account manager. iD Additives is a multi-year member of the Inc. 5000 for America’s Fastest Growing Companies.