Faster Time to Market and Customer Satisfaction with 3D Printed Injection Molds

September 13

Learn how customers such as Berker are cutting production time and costs by switching to injection molds that are 3D printed rather than traditionally manufactured. Decrease lead time on production parts and bring in new customers by skipping the outsourcing process and mold creation using more time-consuming methods. 

Get the best practices and methods for how to capitalize on PolyJet 3D printed injection molds in your workplace in this webinar, Faster Time to Market and Customer Satisfaction with 3D Printed Injection Molds, Stratasys Molding Applications Product Manager Gil Robinson. 

Primary Topics: 
Where 3D printing might fit in your product lifecycle 
PolyJet injection molds compared to traditional methods 
The cost and time benefits associated with 3D printing 
Ideal conditions for 3D printed injection molds 
Design and processing tips 

Presenter: Gil Robinson 
Gil Robinson has been working for Stratasys since 2012, and he's currently a senior applications engineer for the Vertical Solutions Business Unit, where he aides in development of molding applications. Along with graduating from LeHigh University with a bachelor's in mechanical engineering, Gil brings with him a wide range of experiences in design, engineering and manufacturing from several industries, including aerospace, consumer goods and industrial goods.

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